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AquaPure Reviews 2022: Best Fruit Purifier In The USA?

AquaPure Reviews

Fruit has a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that will keep you physically and mentally healthy while lowering your risk of disease. The benefits to your health of including fruits in your diet are numerous. There are many good reasons to consume fruit every day, but remember that eating fresh fruit is always preferable to can or preserved fruit.

Fruit is particularly advantageous for those who wish to reduce weight while feeling energized because it is high in fiber and low in calories.Fruits and vegetables that have just been picked are vulnerable to contamination in a variety of ways. Throughout the process of growing, the soil may become contaminated by pesticides, creatures, birds, or something harmful. Improper handling can also contaminate the product. 

Poor handling during preparation or storage of the product, even after it has been purchased from the market, could still have it contaminated, which, when consumed, can result in a foodborne illness. As a result, it has been customary from the beginning of time to clean produce before using or consuming it. But now that it’s clear that various germs have colonized the entire globe, this specific act has gained significantly more relevance. 

Regardless of the source, it is advised that everyone take extra care when cleaning fruits and vegetables. This AquaPure Reviews will go into depth to talk about different fruit preservation techniques as well as a product which can help you better take care of the fruits you consume.

A Few Fruits and Vegetables Cleaning Tips

Before you start washing and preparing your fruits or veggies, keep in mind that your own hands must be clean. So please give them a minimum 20 second soap and warm water wash. Then, keep the following recommendation in mind.

Any damaged or bruised vegetables should be removed and thrown away. To avoid any dirt or germs getting onto the flesh of an apple or a pear before peeling, it is important to rinse the produce first.

Soak and rinse leafy vegetables in a large, transparent bowl to ensure that any dirt settles to the bottom of the basin. Once there is no more sediment and the water in the bowl is clean, repeat this process a few times. Running water that has been filtered will work just fine and will maintain the texture and color of your fruits, but not always.

Use a soft, clean brush to remove dirt from the skin of fruits and vegetables like melon, apples, and pears as well as carrot, cucumber, and aubergine while washing the produce. You can also scrub the produce with your hands.It is necessary to remove and discard the outer leaves from vegetables like cabbage, leeks, lettuce, and broccoli before washing them.

To get rid of any leftover bacteria, it’s a good idea to dry the vegetables with a clean cloth or paper towel after washing. But while drying, you must be careful not to damage delicate fruit, like strawberries or mushrooms. It is better to pat them dry or to place them on a clean cloth and let them air dry.

As you now know, using tap water to rinse won’t be as effective as you had anticipated. This is because tap water is ineffective at dissolving the bacteria and toxins in your fruit. There aren’t many options if you want your fruit to be completely pesticide-free. The first option is to purchase organic products, however there are many issues with this. First off, it’s not always the case that organic food is pesticide-free. Despite being subject to various safety requirements, organic farmers are nevertheless permitted to use pesticides made from naturally occurring substances, which can still be dangerous.

In order to trick consumers into believing that something wasn’t grown using pesticides when it actually was, producers also employ a number of dishonest strategies. Terms like “free-range,” “hormone-free,” and “natural” do not imply organic. Food that is organic is also significantly more expensive. You are not even provided a guarantee that it is pesticide-free despite the higher price! Consequently, purchasing organic food won’t shield you from pesticides. Additionally, it has no effect on bacteria or mold.

You may apply the technique at home now that consumer technology has progressed. It is called electrolysis. Electrolysis only gives water a boost, making it more potent and able to dissolve bacterial, mold, and pesticide residues. without using synthetic materials, chemicals, or soaps. The AquaPure Pesticide Purifier is a device that uses electrolyzed water to remove contaminants from fresh food. In addition to protecting customers’ families from the dangers of ingesting persistent pollutants, the device is easy to maintain.

According to different Aquapure Reviews and the official website of the manufacturer, all you need to clean your fruit using electrolyzed water is salt, water, and a unique tool called an AquaPure. Due to its safety, electrolysis has been utilized in the food industry for decades; yet, the technology was too expensive for domestic usage. Until AquaPure made a version for households. 

The manufacturers of AquaPure made the following claims: If you use AquaPure every day, your fruits and veggies will be free of harmful pesticide residues, bacteria, and mold. Read this AquaPure Reviews carefully if you want to know everything there is to know right now about AquaPure.

What is AquaPure?

The majority of people work extremely hard to limit the harmful drugs they consume, but not everyone is aware of what else they might be exposed to. Even after routine washing, pesticides can remain on the surface of fruits and vegetables, eventually posing major health hazards. Rutger Gommans was motivated to embark on a new mission to reduce the quantity of chemicals his parents may consume after learning that his father had cancer and realizing the need to get rid of these pesticides.

He first shelled out more than $6,000 for a device that could clean fresh food’s surface of all bacteria and chemicals. Its large size made it difficult to store as well. Because employing active water was so effective, he created the AquaPure Pesticide Purifier for the broader public using electrolysis technology.

The AquaPure Pesticide Purifier is a lot smaller than the initial gadget Rutger purchased as a result of his collaboration with other industry specialists. Even after this alternative therapy, no flavor or odor is left. The insecticides are not broken down by harsh chemicals; everything is natural. The necessary batteries are already included in the purchase, and the filter will never need to be changed.

Some people may be surprised to learn that even organic fruits and vegetables might contain up to 20 chemicals, since they choose to avoid conventional fruits. Despite the fact that organic crops are typically not exposed to pesticides from other farms, there are many chemicals that can be used legally without endangering the organic status of crops. It is simple to rid fresh produce of any bacteria, mildew, pesticides, or other pollutants using the AquaPure Pesticide Purifier.

Washing off pesticides from fruits and vegetables not only improves the user’s health but also increases the food’s shelf life. Additionally, it protects users from chemicals that can harm their bodies or developing brains, which makes it particularly advantageous for children.

You get help from AquaPure by having your fruits electrolyzed cleaned. With AquaPure, salt, and water, you can clean the fruits and veggies you’ll soon be eating. After using AquaPure on your fruits and vegetables, you will be amazed at how unclean they are. AquaPure cleans your vegetables to remove dirt, dangerous pesticide residues, mold, germs, and other contaminants. You can eat vegetables that taste better and are healthier since the unwanted components are removed.

AquaPure costs about $79.99 per unit, which is a fair price. Each device is made to last eight to ten years. AquaPure doesn’t require new batteries or filters; it only has to be recharged every two to three weeks (assuming daily use). As a result, the machine will be able to wash thousands of fruits and vegetables. To find out more about this equipment, keep reading!

AquaPure Reviews: Guidelines For Use

Fruits and vegetables can be easily cleaned using AquaPure. When sodium (salt) and water are mixed, the AquaPure technology employs electrolysis to eliminate 99.9% of various contaminants from the food you eat. AquaPure creates an active solution that effectively removes pesticides and destroys germs using only tap water and a small bit of table salt.

With AquaPure, contaminants from your food are rapidly and naturally removed, giving you only delicious, chemical-free fruits and vegetables. Eating fruits and veggies that are healthier will not only make you feel fantastic, but it will also encourage you to eat better and keep you healthy.

Fruits and vegetables are put through the AquaPure cycle, which breaks the pollutants’ molecular connections and renders them non-toxic and harmless. The section below contains details on using AquaPure to wash fruits and vegetables.

To wash fruits and vegetables using AquaPure, follow these instructions:

  • Step 1: Combine equal parts salt and water in a bowl.
  • Step 2: Add the AquaPure to the bowl of fruit.
  • Step 3: Rinse, then take a bite.

After adding salt and water to their sinks, some individuals add AquaPure. This approach is acceptable, but make sure to thoroughly clean the sink once you’re done using it to remove any impurities.

AquaPure Reviews: Features

The AquaPure contains the following features, which are detailed on the manufacturer’s website and have been confirmed by numerous users.

  • Safety: Being reckless with fruits and other items meant for food is unacceptable. The majority of what determines how healthy you are depends on your lifestyle decisions, which include things like, what you eat and how much water you consume. Other fruit and vegetable washing techniques are currently available, both online and in traditional stores. However, AquaPure does not make use of any dangerous ingredients. It is an eco-friendly, effective, and secure cleaning method.
  • No Aftertaste or Odor: Other food washing techniques leave your dinner with an unpleasant flavor or smell. AquaPure, on the other hand, employs natural electrolysis, which is tasteless and odorless. For instance, if you wash your fruits and vegetables in vinegar, your fruits will taste like vinegar afterward. Without the flavor, AquaPure offers comparable or even superior cleaning performance.
  • Investment made once: The fact that you can use this device for years without having any problems is probably one of its best features. Because money is scarce, it is desirable to know that an item you intend to buy can be used for a significant number of years. The AquaPure does not require filters and is rechargeable. This device contains everything you require to obtain the most value for your money.
  • Rechargeable: AquaPure has a charging wire and is rechargeable. If used daily, AquaPure only needs to be recharged once every two to three weeks, according to the company.
  • Affordability: The item is reasonably priced and still allows you to save money. AquaPure extends the fruit and vegetable’s shelf life, allowing you to save money. Using this device on fruits and vegetables could help you save money and extend their shelf life.
  • For the security of your family: The best approach to ensure that the fruits and vegetables you and your family eat are as nutrient-dense as possible, in the opinion of AquaPure’s developers, is to use this method. According to the official website, there have been connections between herbicide use and problems with child development. Children are more vulnerable to poisons in food because, for example, their developing livers and kidneys can’t filter out compounds as efficiently as adults can.
  • Scientific: The AquaPure device’s justification is wholly scientific. Studies show that it can destroy up to 99.9% of E. coli bacteria and up to 94.8% of the pesticide cypermethrin. You can utilize AquaPure to quickly remove contaminants from your crops. It starts working in just a few minutes. Use AquaPure to consume chemical-free fruits and vegetables after adding salt and water to a container. To create organic crops, 20 permitted chemicals may be utilized. If you want your organic fruits to be up to 99% free of pesticides, illnesses, and mold, you also need AquaPure.
  • Good customer acceptance: According to AquaPure’s producers, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, parasites, mold, bacteria, and fungicides can all be completely eradicated up to 99.9% of the time. Client preference Sales for AquaPure have already been very strong. Many customers are surprised by how different their fruits and veggies taste after using AquaPure. Fruit and vegetable flavors, which are frequently covered up by dirt and other pollutants, will be improved with AquaPure.

AquaPure Reviews: Cost

Although the AquaPure Pesticide Purifier normally sells for $149.99, the official website currently has a significant discount on it. Even the smallest offer qualifies for the discount, but those who buy in bulk stand to benefit the most from the savings. Options consist of:

  • One AquaPure Pesticide Purifier costs $79.99. (plus shipping and handling).
  • Two AquaPure Pesticide Purifiers are available for $119.99 with free US shipping.
  • Three AquaPure Pesticide Purifiers are available for $159.98 with free US shipping.

If the consumer decides this product is not the best choice for their needs, they may request a return thanks to the money-back guarantee. Customers can contact the company by email at: send an email to The company’s address is AquaPure Keizersgracht 520H, 1017EK, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

AquaPure Reviews: Pros

  • 90-day money-back guarantee: If AquaPure isn’t the best option for you for any reason, you can easily return it.
  • One-year guarantee included with AquaPure lets you rest easy knowing it was made to last.
  • Express shipment: With appropriate discounts, the manufacturers provide free US shipping and quick delivery to more than 30 locations.
  • Purchase assurance: Since the producers have total control over the entire process, a secure and superior result is guaranteed.
  • Excellent customer service: The customer service representatives are helpful, courteous, and actually like speaking with you.
  • Goal-driven: The company aspires to provide millions of clients with the most delicious and hygienic products.
  • Innovative and natural: No dangerous chemicals. Fruits and vegetables taste better because there is no smell or flavor.
  • To save money, extend the fruit and vegetable shelf life.
  • Batteries are included with the initial purchase, and filters are never replaced.

AquaPure Reviews: Cons

The manufacturer’s website is the only place to buy it. A meager supply

AquaPure Reviews: What Are The Customers Saying

Mr. Lynn Fleming – Hello!! Yesterday was the first time we cleaned fresh strawberries with our AquaPure. The strawberries seemed extremely pristine and lovely! I simply couldn’t stop remarking on how they seemed after using the Aquapurifier! I am thrilled to have clean, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables! Thanks a lot!

Wilson, Shima – Love how easy it is to keep and use the AquaPure whenever I need to wash my veggies. It does a great job, and I’m always impressed at how thoroughly it washes and purifies. Quite impressed!

Aguilar, Jessica –  I purchased two, and I ADORE THEM! I virtually always employ it! As a mother of five, I feel terrific knowing that I’m giving my children fruits and veggies that are 99% pesticide free.

AquaPure Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions

Is the AquaPure long-lasting?

A. To create a treatment that can last up to 10 years, the product’s manufacturers used durable components. If the client uses it as directed, it ought to last 8–10 years.

Are filters used by AquaPure?

A. No. There are no filters used by this device. Instead, it enriches the water with electrolytes to enable cleaning without the use of chemicals. Users will save money because filters won’t need to be changed frequently.

How often ought AquaPure to be washed?

A. AquaPure Purifier users should rinse it off after each use. If it is kept sterile, it will be more effective.

Will a single round of cleansing be enough?

A. This depends on how much fruit is being cleaned at once. The designers recommend just one cleaning cycle for up to 3 liters of water. For tanks holding 4-6 liters, users ought to perform two cleaning cycles. For containers holding 7 or more liters, users must perform three cleaning cycles on their fresh product. The user merely needs to press the ON button once more to restart the cycle.

Is drinking electrolyzed water safe?

A. AquaPure’s manufacturer cautions against ever drinking electrolyzed water. Why would you want to eat fruit that has been washed in water that contains pollutants and pathogens? Continue to use your regular sources of clean drinking water, and ask your doctor any questions if you have any.

How many uses of AquaPure can customers expect before having to recharge it?

A. If you use AquaPure every day, it needs to be recharged every two to three weeks. This gadget is ideal if you live somewhere with a poor power source because it is meant to endure for a very long time before needing to be recharged.

Will AquaPure buyers receive a charger with their purchase?

A. Yes. Each order includes a magnetic charging cord for the customer.

What sort of cable is included with the charger?

 With the provided USB connector cable, AquaPure can be charged using any gadget that supports this connection.

Is a warranty and money-back guarantee offered?

A. Yes. If the consumer is dissatisfied with the product, they have up to 90 days to request a refund.

What does electrolysis serve as?

Electrolysis happens when sodium, which is the same as found in salt, is mixed with water and electricity. Salt and water are already present in your water bottle, but AquaPure also contains electricity. Electricity electrolyzes water, turning it into a non-toxic cleaning agent. Electrolysis is used in a wide range of cleaning procedures. For instance, electrolysis can be used to get rid of corrosion and rust. Electrolysis can also be used to de corrode cast iron cookware.

Using the same non-toxic process, you may use AquaPure to clean your fruits and vegetables to get rid of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and other pollutants. Fruit that tastes better and has fewer toxic residues is the product of natural processes that are supported by science rather than the dangerous chemicals used in conventional food cleaning methods.

What are the dimensions and features of the AquaPure?

Size of AquaPure is 100 x 50mm (3.94 x 1.97).

What is their contact information?

There are various ways to get in touch with AquaPure’s customer support team:

Email with your message. Keizersgracht 520H, 1017EK, Amsterdam, Netherlands is the postal address. AquaPure promotes itself as a “mission-driven” company on its official website. The company was founded with the goal of making it possible for millions of people to eat pure, safe veggies.

Will there be any additional customs, taxes, or VAT fees when I receive my order?

Depending on your country, you could be required to pay one or more of these fees when you get your order. Please note that all foreign orders must be paid for in US dollars. The usual conversion rate between your currency and the US dollar at the time of purchase or refund is used to determine international expenses.

When should I expect to get my order?

FAST! Within 24 to 48 hours of receiving an order, every item is mailed out. The United States normally needs 3-5 business days to get our products. Please allow 7 to 21 business days for deliveries when making purchases from outside the US. Delivery timeframes may vary based on your region and the nation.

AquaPure Review: Summary

Customers now have a simple way to reduce the likelihood of pesticides, bacteria, and other dangerous substances on their food thanks to the AquaPure Pesticide Purifier. Using this technique, contaminants can be removed from fruits and vegetables. Users’ exposure to these chemicals will be reduced because they won’t need to use additional chemical cleaners on their fruits. If you keep fruits and veggies clean, they will last longer, and the AquaPure will help you do just that. Using the AquaPure Pesticide Purifier cleaning process on food that both adults and children consume is OK.

Customers who have used AquaPure have noted finding a variety of flecks, contaminants, and other unpleasant substances in the water, demonstrating the effectiveness of the equipment in eliminating chemicals from the food you are swallowing. Customers cite AquaPure’s ease of use and convenience. Without any technical knowledge, fruits and vegetables can be cleaned with the equipment in a short amount of time.

Customers also seem to have valued their interactions with AquaPure customer service agents. For instance, the customer service representatives responded to grievances and issues right away. On the official website, the vast majority of people have given AquaPure a perfect rating.

Using the AquaPure vegetable and fruit washing device, which generates electrolysis in a container of water using sodium, water, and electricity, you may eliminate up to 99.9% of impurities from your food. 

Fruits and vegetables can be cleaned with AquaPure, which is currently available for $89.99 per unit through a temporary online promotion. To find out more information about AquaPure or to place an immediate order, go to the official website.

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