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BlitzyBug Reviews 2022: Don’t Buy This Zap Until You Read This Review?

BlitzyBug Reviews

The constant buzzing of mosquitoes and the recurrent swatting that follows a bite destroy nothing more than a lovely day outside.One strategy for addressing this pest issue is the use of bug traps. Their capacity to mimic human breath or carbon dioxide attracts bugs to them. Then, to kill the bugs, they traps use glue, electric shocks, dehydration, or drowning.

This approach can be helpful when trying to get rid of these pests from a particular area, like a backyard or bedroom. Traps, when placed in the right location and used regularly, can significantly improve your situation, even if they cannot fully solve it. The BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern is the most effective bug trap available, and it’s also very portable and reasonably priced.

A BlitzyBug repellent light attracts and kills insects before they can attack you. On its official website , it advertises itself as a successful method to deal with different types of insects, such as mosquitoes. Since they bite and can spread illnesses like Lyme disease, malaria, dengue fever, and others, you cannot ignore them.

Insect populations significantly rise in hot weather and when temperatures change. Numerous illnesses, not to mention insect bites, are frequently associated with the summertime. The summer is when there are the most insects. Why, though, is this the case? All insects—bugs and other insects—hibernate when the temperature lowers. To improve their chances of surviving, they occasionally shift to regions with a warmer environment. You see more and more of these migratory and hibernating insects every day since they all reawaken when the temperature rises.

The best way to stay safe is to avoid encounters with insects, but since it might be difficult to stay inside during hot, muggy days, avoiding insects is a close second. In addition, it’s impossible not to enjoy a summer vacation when the weather is pleasant. Use of insect repellents, such as lotions, sprays, serums, or bug-killing lights, is the only way to avoid getting bitten by insects.

The most recent addition to this list is the BlitzyBug Repellent lantern, a non-chemical way to get rid of pesky insects. It may be used whenever you need it, unlike other devices that need a constant power source. Compared to hundreds of competing options, it offers more security for a lesser price. Do you really want to invest your hard-earned cash on something that was randomly found? How can you determine whether the BlitzyBug Anti-Bug is a good deal? Additionally, where can I get BlitzyBug lanterns online? And why is it better than alternative solutions? Read on to discover all there is to know about the BlitzyBug.

According to the manufacturers, The portable, lightweight, and small BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern may be set up practically anywhere. Depending on whether a pedestal or other support is available to hold the body, it can be hung either horizontally or vertically. The company’s official website claims that any insect is attracted to a bug repellent device that generates non-UV light. They instantaneously perish as they approach the lantern too closely and try to make contact with the light. This BlitzyBug Review contains everything you need to know about this device. Let’s go more into the details of the Blitzybug.

What is the Blitzy?

BlitzyBug is a pest control device, just as its name suggests. BlitzyBug primarily targets mosquitoes for control; like many other pest control solutions, makes claims about its ability to effectively and silently eliminate mosquitoes.  This zappers distinction is how it combines an LED light with a suction fan. Insects are attracted to the device by the LED light. It makes natural that mosquitoes and other flying insects would be drawn to LED lights. When insects approach the BlitzyBug traps, a suction fan draws them in, where they become dehydrated and killed. 

It is highly useful and portable due to its diminutive size. While some users have used BlitzyBug inside their houses or other enclosed spaces for the same purpose, the majority of BlitzyBug reviews show that it is most effective when utilized outside. As seen by the overwhelming demand, this summer’s top seller is very well liked by its expanding family of happy customers.

Don’t be concerned that it is a new product with no history or background check because it has a functioning website and an easily traceable manufacturers. You may have seen the lantern at some point, but you are unsure of its name or its location. Many people are astonished to learn that this straightforward and little equipment can shield them against bug bites for 20 hours.

The ability to use it to explore forests, mountains, and go hiking will make it more enticing to people who enjoy traveling. You can always rely on this camping lantern to effectively ward off insects. Despite its small size, it has 1000v of power, which can efficiently eliminate even the smallest insects, allowing it to destroy bugs of all sizes. After each usage, the removable tray can be removed and cleaned before being reused. This device astonishingly met the expectations of so many other users and I am quite confident it will for you too. Continue reading to know more about the Blitzy.

Blitzybug Reviews: Features

This device has several built-in features that make it a more potent bug zapper than other zappers and place it higher in the rankings. The features are given below, to name a few. 

  • UV LED light: Since light attracts insects, BlitzyBug has an integrated LED light that attracts insects from all sides, covering 250 square feet and offering 360-degree protection. Therefore, regardless of how or where the gadget is positioned, it draws in and kills bugs from all sides. 
  • Water Resistant: Due to its 1PX7 waterproof feature, BlitzyBug is water-resistant. As a result, no liquid or water splash will be able to pass through this device. This feature ensures the durability of the device and makes it ideal for usage both inside and outside. 
  • Compact, light, and portable: Due to its small size, this device stores extremely conveniently, and due to its light weight, you may carry it around with you while traveling or engaging in any outdoor activity. 
  • With a high voltage of 600 volts and a 360° protection coating that knocks down insects from all sides, BlitzyBug shocks any insects that enter a 250 square foot area around where it is put. 
  • The smooth surface of BlitzyBug enhances visual appeal and brings out the color in any place it is put in. 
  • When leaving for any outdoor activity, you can easily carry it around with its small handle. If you prefer to hang it somewhere other than a flat surface, you can do so. 
  • Strong batteries: This smart technology has a big battery capacity that charges quickly and is compatible with any USB cord, as well as an electrical outlet or any other electrical device that can accept a charge. It can run for at least 20 hours on a single charge before needing to be recharged. 
  • User-friendly: This gadget is user-friendly because it has straightforward controls and can be used without the assistance of a specialist or installation. If you follow the manual’s instructions, anyone can use this equipment.
  • Blitzy Bug is made of cutting-edge materials. Its exterior is comprised of durable materials that can withstand shock and voltage spills, and its batteries are long-lasting. Blitzy Bug’s durability is assured by the top-notch technical materials utilized in its manufacture. 
  • Your privacy is guaranteed by Blitzybug manufacturers since all of its data is secure and communicated using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. 
  • 100% promise of client satisfaction You may be sure that you will be entirely happy with this genuine product, which is highly effective and composed of the best modern materials. 
  • There is a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee on this item. You have 30 days to return the item if you are unhappy with its performance and get a complete refund of your money. In the event that there is any damage, you can also have the item replaced.

Blitzybug Reviews: Benefits

The BlitzyBug bug repellent device outperforms and excels all of these options together, despite the fact that there are alternatives like insect repellent sprays, lotions, creams, and mats. Because of its clever design, the device may be charged and used repeatedly.Due to a few standout characteristics, this product sets itself apart from its rivals. 

  • It is a flexible device that wards off all insects.
  • Additionally effective against moths, bugs, and flies.
  • Because it uses non-UV light, it is safe for use by people.
  • Its 7oz weight makes it a fairly lightweight gadget.
  • Due to the lack of additives, it does not irritate the skin or eyes.
  • It may encompass an area as large as 375 square feet.
  • After being fully charged, the battery can last up to 20 hours.
  • The bugs can be killed by the inner coil’s 1000 volts of electricity.
  • It is safe for the environment and presents no threat to it.
  • In any weather and in both indoor and outdoor settings, it performs flawlessly.

Blitzybug Reviews: How to use

The BlitzyBug bug gadget comes as a single unit, so you don’t need to assemble it. Because it is portable, unlike all electronic things, it might not need to be fixed in a specific place. Before using the device, look over each button and find the USB port where it is charged. A red light that indicates charging will turn on when the device is plugged into a power outlet. Green will appear when the battery is fully charged. A BlitzyBug lamp should be fully charged before use.

You can activate BlitzyBug by pressing a button. By pressing this button, the purple light that signifies the device’s readiness for operation will come on. You can deconstruct it and put it wherever is most practical because once charged, it doesn’t need a charging supply. The best place to place a BlitzyBug Electric Mosquito Killer lantern is in your yard. The website claims that there are no restrictions on where or how the device can be used. Insects that bite you are more likely to do so outside, but if your house is designed to promote easy air flow, they might make it inside. e. 

The BlitzyBug pest killer is a wonderful device to have because it is portable and can be brought with you wherever you go. Whether used indoors or out, it functions well. The BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern is widely used to assure bug-free living in bedrooms, offices, kitchens, poolside, patios, and backyards. It should be taken into consideration as one of the “essential devices” you plan to bring camping this summer.

Installing a top-notch indoor bug repellant in a location where you spend the most time—ideally a corner—is advised. The BlitzyBug can shield you from a number of bug-borne illnesses that can happen at any time of year, but it cannot directly prevent sickness. The following infections are among them:Dengue, The Lyme disease, Chikungunya, Western nile virus, Ehrlichiosis and the deadly Malaria.

Despite the fact that each of these illnesses is brought on by a different bug, they all share the tendency to happen more often in the summer. These signs are frequently connected to insect-borne infections: Fever ,body aches and pains. Pain in joints and muscles nausea and vomiting, Inflammation and rashes,Headache, Fatigue among others.

The best defenses against these illnesses are wearing long sleeves, using insect repellent in whatever form you like, and limiting your sun exposure. Develop a preventive plan to safeguard yourself against these deadly diseases if you spend the majority of your time outside. Using a BlitzyBug is one way to do it.

You might not notice the symptoms of these illnesses for a few hours to a few days. Any changes to your body should be noticed. Look closely at any rash or mark that has just appeared. Go to the hospital as soon as you can if you’ve been bitten by a bug, are in pain, or have a fever. The Blitzy is not a medication so you should consult your doctor once you have any health concern. The total extermination of all insects could take up to two hours. 

Blitzybug Reviews: How does it work 

The Blitz Bug’s functionality is quite straightforward . There are no fumes or chemicals when using the Blitzy. It’s primary mode of action is to use lighting to draw insects, which are used as prey.

Being lured to the light, they make an effort to approach it, but when they come into contact with the device, they get zapped then die off. Compared to earlier equipment and methods for killing bugs, this is more efficient, cutting-edge, and secure. In less than a second, the BlitzyBug can eliminate any size of insect.

The area this device can cover is up to 375 square feet, as opposed to other devices that can only cover a few square feet. BlitzyBug lanterns are also more advantageous than buying numerous bug zappers to place throughout the house since, despite their small size, they cover a larger area than conventional bug zappers. Additionally, it can be utilized continuously for a long time. Without having to pay for maintenance or other services, you make a single investment and profit every day.

You can substitute the BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern for a light source because it also serves as a lantern. It produces aesthetically pleasing light. You can change the amount of light the device emits using the brightness slider. Positioning it next to a lamp and adjusting the brightness to taste is an option for those who don’t want to move it and want to make it a permanent fixture in their rooms or homes. Both the amount of light and the number of insects killed will increase.

 BlitzyBug Reviews: Pros 

  • The device can be used both inside and outside and is rechargeable.
  • Outstanding value for the money
  • Outdoor activities like hiking and camping are perfect and safe when you have the BlitzyBug with you .
  • 20 hours ofe battery life.
  • There are no irritants, chemicals, or solutions within.
  • safe for the skin, non-UV light.
  • Pet- and child-friendly design, weather- and water-resistant construction, environmentally responsible gadget
  • Most other devices cost more money.
  • 100% money-back guarantee 

Blitzybug Reviews:Cons

  • You can only make your purchase from the manufacturers official website
  • Hurry and make your purchase as it is of a limited stock.

The BlitzyBug bug device: Where to buy ?

Simply, the manufacturers website online. The simplest way to determine a product’s worth is to research it before investing in it. Choose the device that best suits your needs after considering the other available options. The BlitzyBug  is unique from other gadgets in a number of aspects that make it stand out from your options. Verified users have praised this product’s effectiveness, which is supported by thousands of happy clients.

The website provides contact information for the reputable retailer who buys the BlitzyBug light. The manufacturer’s website offers all necessary details about this light, including its dimensions, weight, battery life, and coverage area. Shipping can be done both domestically and internationally; however, foreign goods take longer to arrive. Discounts, deals, and promotions are offered by the manufacturers .

The BlitzyBug features a bulk purchase option that enables users to buy it once and then distribute it to others. In light of the advantages it offers, BlitzyBug’s price is really affordable .You have the right to a complete refund if you are unhappy with your purchase.

The BlitzyBug Reviews: Pricing 

The BlitzyBug can be used for months at a time without needing maintenance, refilling, or replacement after a few weeks like other products do. There are no subscription fees or ongoing maintenance costs associated with purchasing this lantern. The specifics of its pricing and bundles are listed below.

  • Buy 1 Unit for $44.97 plus $7.95 for shipping (50 percent Discount Available)
  • Get 3 Units Each is $33.97 with free shipping (Save 62 percent )
  • Purchase 5 Units for $24.97 each plus shipping (Save 72 percent )

Depending on how many lanterns you buy, the price is decreased. More units is more cost-effective than ordering each lantern separately if you want to give a BlitzyBug bug killer as a present. All new orders are covered by the company’s 30-day money-back guarantee. Within 30 days of purchasing BlitzyBug insect repellent, any customer may ask for a refund. And will be refunded in full if eligible.

To win the trust of potential customers, this refund policy was created. Due to widespread internet fraud, it might be difficult to trust a new company or brand. However, when you know you won’t lose any money, things get much easier. Your information has been added to the official database if you bought the BlitzyBug through the website’s official store. You are not eligible for a refund if you bought it from an unreliable site like any other  online shop. If the business decides that a refund request is inappropriate, it reserves the right to deny it. 30 days of money-back guarantees are offered on returns of the BlitzyBug anti-bug lantern.

BlitzyBug Review: Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the estimated delivery time for my order?

All orders will be shipped within 48 hours of confirmation of the order. Wait 5-7 business days for standard delivery. You will get a confirmation email with your tracking number once your items have been shipped. Using the tracking URL supplied, you may find out where your package is. It is important to mention that some factors can also delay the product getting to your location as fast scheduled.

Is the  BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern Legit?

The answer is that it is a practical lantern that is used to kill mosquitoes and other insects. It is weather resistant, lightweight, and transportable. You may hang it anywhere. Each lantern offers a peaceful bug-free zone for your outdoor safety and enjoyment by eliminating unwelcome and dangerous mosquitos from an area. It is perfect for RVs, outside patios, backyards, and camping trips. No more dealing with smoke coils or offensive, deadly bug sprays!

What area does the BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern cover?

The most is 175 square feet.

What is the anti-bug lantern from BlitzyBug’s effectiveness?

Very effective. It works by making  insects get drawn to the purple LED light in particular, which they follow then end up getting shocked by the electric coil without any issues on your part.

How should I use my BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern?

The controls are straightforward and won’t require much of your attention or effort. Additionally, the equipment requires less maintenance and is easy to clean. Simply use the provided brush to periodically clean the coils.The device can be suspended from a high point or stood on a flat table, depending on your preference. It’s simple to use BlitzyBug; just charge it with the included USB cord (a red light will flash to show that it’s charging), then press the black button on top of the device; you should hear a “click,” and the light will turn on. 

Bugs and insects will be attracted by the purple light wave band to the device’s central electric coil, where they will be electrocuted and killed. Children and dogs are protected by a protective grid, although it is large enough for insects to get through (DO NOT touch or clean the coils while the device is turned on!) Any mosquitoes or other flying insects in your personal space can be eliminated by running BlitzyBug for at least two hours. It is risk-free and easy!

How long will the  BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern last after a charge?

Because it has a built-in 2,000mAH rechargeable battery, the answer is for a long time. The Blitzy is fully rechargeable and You may put it anywhere, hang it on a wall, or even bring it on a trip. You will find yourself taking BlitzyBug everywhere because it is so small and light.

The BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern charges in what manner?

The integrated USB charger allows you to charge it whenever you want. You may rest easy knowing that mosquitoes won’t disturb you because one charge will last you the entire day.

How much time can the battery be charged for?

Up to 6 hours.

What type of cable is needed?

A micro USB charging cord is included.

What are the BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern’s dimensions?

Size is 5″ x 3.5″, please. It is around 6.2 ounces in weight.

The BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern produces any chemicals or odors, right?

No, there are no chemicals or unpleasant smells in this lantern.

Is using BlitzyBug safe?

Yes, it is . There is a terrible smell and a lot of chemicals in bug sprays and anti-mosquito candles. The BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern, on the other hand, is non-toxic and secure for use in your house.

BlitzyBug Reviews: Conclusion 

Summer is here again and the summertime bugs, buges, and insects that make it tough to spend time outside.The product reviewed in this piece is actually a feasible solution.With the BlitzyBug Lantern, you should be able to eliminate all insects in a 375 square foot area. In comparison to other insect repellent options like sprays, gels, and lotions that are applied directly to the skin, people frequently find it to be more effective.

The BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern is also very affordable yet effective. The manufacturers have also made it possible for you to return you purchase within 30 days of purchase then get refunded. It is possible to give it a try before determining whether it is what you’re looking for. If the results don’t meet your expectations or you don’t think it’s working for you, you can return the BlitzyBug. You can make your purchase by clicking the link below

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