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Bug Bulb Reviews USA 2022: Do Not Fall For Scammers!

Bug Bulb Reviews

Because of their grating buzzing, mosquitoes can be a pain and easily interrupt a good nap. This Bug Bulb Zapper Review WILLassist you make up your mind if you’re concerned about this and interested in getting rid of these bothersome insects.

Mosquitoes and other flying insects are increasing along with the temperatures as summer approaches. These insects, particularly mosquitoes, have the potential to make us dread the evening, which is one of the most peaceful periods of the day. The frequent sleep interruptions caused by mosquitoes can be quite upsetting, leaving you exhausted and very irritated the next day.These avian critters disturb peaceful times and are also carriers of pathogens that you would rather not have near you.

It’s a frequent fallacy that mosquitoes are merely a minor irritation, much like flies and house ants. In actuality, mosquito bites can be very harmful. Most mosquitoes don’t spread diseases, so being bitten by one on an otherwise lovely day in the sun will probably only be a source of frustration. Nevertheless, some mosquitoes can carry harmful viruses. The West Nile virus, yellow fever, dengue fever, malaria, and the Zika virus are only a few of the well-known diseases that mosquitoes spread.

So the question is, Is it possible to get rid of mosquitoes without really chasing them down? That is a lot of effort, so even if you have some free time, you should focus your energies on more fulfilling pursuits. Because of this, the “Bug Bulb Zapper” device was created. In addition to helping you get uninterrupted relaxation, it keeps insects at bay.

However, Bug Bulb is a product that claims to be newly improved with superior characteristics. Other similar devices focus on getting rid of insects. With summer approaching, it has gained popularity, and it will be discussed in this Bug Bulb Reviews.

Bug Bulb: What is it? 

It combines an insect zapper and a lamp for camping in one device. The use of Bug Bulb raises the bar for controlling flying insects. Bug Bulb Zapper is a portable, USB-rechargeable mosquito zapper that uses LED UV light instead of hazardous chemicals to trap pesky insects like mosquitoes and other pests. This bug zapper is ideal for setting up inside the house while you relax or sleep because it is also incredibly silent.

It’s just a small, cutting-edge gadget made to successfully get rid of mosquitoes without lifting a finger. It is appropriately referred to as a “Mosquito Death Trap” by the producers. It has a non-toxic LED light installed that attracts insects and instantly zaps them with stored energy.

It starts working right away. There are no dangerous chemicals, repellents, or gummy lotions in it. It is also user-friendly and rechargeable. An intelligent electrical device called the Bug Bulb Zapper gets its power from an outside source and uses it to zap insects. It is radiation-free and devoid of any chemicals. It uses little energy and can operate for a long time.

The action’s process is rather straightforward. It is equipped with a UV light in the blue wavelength that attracts insects and works as a beacon and efficient mosquito trap. These insects make contact with an electrically conducting material as they fly toward the light, which causes them to be instantly destroyed.

Bug Bulb Reviews: Benefits

  • Zaps and Attracts: You and your loved ones can enjoy your summer evenings with a powerful electric coil to effectively zap mosquitoes and LED light to attract them.
  • Strong rechargeable battery: It’s straightforward to charge the Bug Bulb Zapper through micro-USB, and it has enough power to last you all day or all night. So unwind and savor the outdoors for a little while longer.
  • Svelte, transportable, and hangable: This portable device can be positioned upright like a lamp or hung from virtually anywhere using the convenient loop.
  • Convenient to use and clean: It features a brush to keep mosquitoes away from the electric coil, is simple to use, and charges quickly. Simply throw the bottom shell in the trash after washing your hands completely.

Technical Information on Bug Bulbs

  • Wireless bug zapper with 360-degree UV light
  • various positions for the handle strap.
  • Anti-slip feet charging via USB
  • Up to 15 hours of battery life
  • Charge period: up to eight hours
  • 125 x 52 140mm (unit size)
  • Grid power: 750V
  • Entry: 5V-2A
  • This outdoor bug zapper can be used without the use of dangerous or hazardous chemicals.
  • Prior to cleaning, switch off the portable bug zapper.

Bug Bulb Reviews: Features

The design of this tool and mosquito repellent incorporates cutting-edge technology as well as elements that are secure and do not endanger the user. The following characteristics of Bug Bulb Zapper help it function effectively:

360° Violence Technology

The 360-degree aggressive technology that surrounds the Bug Bulb Zapper will undoubtedly kill any mosquito or other insects that approach it. There is no need to be concerned about mosquitoes flying around your home because Bug Bulb takes care of the problem. You can be sure that these disease-carrying insects won’t affect you or your family.


The fact that Bug Bulb Zapper is so little and portable is one of its best features. This enables you to take it with you wherever you go. You can use it outside the home, too, if necessary, in the garden or backyard. As it will undoubtedly protect children from mosquitoes, especially at night when they are sleeping, some people also use the gadget when the entire family goes camping.

Quick to Clean

Cleanup is a breeze with the Bug Bulb Zapper. This device is much simpler to disassemble and reassemble after cleaning than other insect killers and repellents. Simply remove the container and dispose of all the dead mosquitoes in the garbage because it is really simple to clean and they are all gathered in one spot. Simply be sure you wipe the plug dry after using water and prevent letting it get wet.

Wide Range of Activities

The range of the Bug Bulb Zapper is up to 40 meters, making it effective in big areas as well. This indicates that the gadget can shield you and your family from mosquitoes and other insects without you or your children having to be close to it.

Radiation Not Emitted

Despite using a UV light, the Bug Bulb Zapper doesn’t produce any radiation.


The Bug Bulb Zapper’s ultra-quiet operation is another benefit. There is no zapping sound that can be made by this gadget, unlike other mosquito repellents. You shouldn’t have to be concerned about waking up your newborn or kids or being startled. You may be confident that you will have a good night’s sleep thanks to the Bug Bulb Zapper’s ultra-quiet feature.

Easy to Use

Operating this device doesn’t require any advanced technical knowledge. The Bug Bulb Zapper is a plug-and-play device, so as soon as you take it out of the box, all your worries are put to rest.

How does the Bug Bulb Zapper Work?


Bug Bulb Zapper kills mosquitoes before they have a chance to make contact by luring them in with LED light. For a clean-up that leaves no messes or smells, the mosquitoes are quickly exterminated and covertly brushed under the light.


You may quit putting on the greasy lotions and dousing your eyes in poisonous sprays! A natural and secure method of protecting your family from mosquitoes is this device.


Anywhere can utilize the Bug Bulb Zapper. It conveniently charges through USB and is portable, light, and small. You may easily move it about the house or position it by your bed for all-night security.

How to use the Bug Bulb Zapper 

Anyone may use the Bug Bulb Zapper easily. It doesn’t need particular technical knowledge to utilize, as was already mentioned. It’s a plug-and-play device, to put it briefly. The manufacturer advises following these three steps:

  • The Bug Bulb Zapper may be charged using the accompanying micro-USB cord in step 1. The gadget’s LED indicator will become red as it charges. The light will turn green once it has finished charging. The Bug Bulb Zapper is now equipped and ready for action.
  • In step 2, Rotate the device’s top rotary switch until a click is audible. The purple LED will turn on if you performed it correctly. The device is currently operational and will soon start to draw bugs.
  • Step 3: Set up the Bug Bulb Zapper where you want to get rid of insects. Press the second button to turn on the mosquito repellent, and leave it running for at least two hours. Many people scatter it before they arrive, say to rid the area of vermin. Before you sit outside in your backyard, you might leave the machine running.

Bug Bulb Reviews: How Does the Bug Bulb Zapper Operate?

Despite significant advancements in safety and insect enticing ability, bug zappers remain mostly unchanged from the time they were initially created. Insects are drawn into a grid of high voltage electrical wires by an ultraviolet producing light bulb and electrocuted there. A grounded metal or plastic cage is used to safeguard the cables and lightbulb.

In order to attract insects, most zappers employ fluorescent light bulbs that generate UV light. Why do insects respond more favorably to ultraviolet light? Intriguingly, UV light reveals the floral patterns that insects find attractive!

The bug enters the area between the mesh grids when it notices the Bug Bulb Zapper’s UV light. By completing the electrical circuit by itself, the bug rapidly vaporizes when the voltage travels across the gap between the circuits. This approach is easy to use and has a long history of success in getting rid of problems.

To prevent people, animals, and children from touching the electric coils, a ring surrounds them. It’s simple for insects to fly between the ring and strike the electric coils, but it’s challenging for humans to mistakenly touch the coils.

The accompanying micro-USB cord, which functions as any smartphone charging cable once the Bug Bulb Zapper’s battery life expires, is used to recharge the device. To charge it, insert it into a USB port on your computer. The Bug Bulb can also be plugged into a power outlet by using the USB converter that came with your phone charger.

Bug Bulb Reviews: Pricing

On the official website, Bug Bulb Zapper is offered for purchase. Orders placed through the official website are available for a 50% discount; the manufacturers recommend that all orders be placed there to ensure that the original Bug Bulb Zapper is bought.

Also, the official website is the only place where orders are eligible for the 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • 2X Bug Bulb (Beta Bug Pack) for $79.99 each; 
  • 1X Bug Bulb (Alpha Bug Pack) for $39.99
  • 4X bug bulbs (Delta bug pack) cost $119.99 each, 
  • 3X bug bulbs (Gamma bug pack) cost $89.99 each.

The manufacturer is providing you with a 30-day guarantee on all purchases if you are not totally satisfied with your Bug Bulb Zapper. Send the item(s) back for a complete refund or replacement, less S&H, by simply doing so.

Bug Bulb Zapper: Does It Work?

Using the combined powers of LED light and a mean of 750 volts of electricity, the Bug Bulb Zapper mosquito trap gets rid of bothersome mosquitoes.Because it is completely portable, you may use this lamp to kill mosquitoes anywhere in your house, including the living room, the patio, and other outdoor areas.

Bug Bulb, frequently referred to be the best indoor mosquito trapper on the market, is essential for anyone looking for a simple and speedy way to get rid of bothersome insects. Additionally, the Bug Bulb Zapper mosquito trap has an improved battery that is portable and totally rechargeable. Just charge the battery using the convenient micro USB and kill mosquitoes anywhere you need to!

One of the main advantages of zappers is that they may begin eradicating insects as soon as they are turned on and operational. After plugging in your zapper, the population of those flying insects in your yard will start to decline right away. When properly positioned, zappers may kill a lot of insects.

In addition to quickly eliminating a variety of insects, Bug Bulb doesn’t require any kind of lure, attractant, or pesticide. Light is used to attract insects to this product. Instead of employing pesticides or other potentially harmful chemicals, Bug Bulb kills insects using electric grids. In the right hands, Bug Bulb can be a secure option for households with kids and pets.

The advantages of using this insecticide clearly exceed the disadvantages as summer approaches. In addition to making sure you have a comfortable night’s sleep, Bug Bulb makes sure you enjoy outdoor activities like camping. One of the bug zapper’s most significant advantages may be that it can protect you from disease-causing germs that some of these insects are known to carry.

Bug Bulb Reviews: Pros

The excellent Bug Bulb has a lot of advantages for the user. To ensure their well-being and harmony, a healthy family must possess one. 

  • This mosquito trap is an incredible tool for preventing infections spread by mosquitoes, who are carriers of many viruses known to man.
  • Bug Bulb can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes, including camping.
  • It is transportable, lightweight, and simple to use, especially when traveling.
  • Both chemicals and radiation are absent from the Bug Bulb.
  • This device can be powered with current as little as 1 amp.

Bug Bulb Reviews: Cons

  • Limited Supply
  • Best place for purchase is the manufacturers website

Why Use the Bug Bulb?

Do you often have to ward off soiled flies from landing in your meals or drinks? Are these pests making a mess of your house and preventing you from sleeping? If so, it’s time to work together to eradicate these bugs permanently.

Imagine spending a fun-filled day with all of your family and friends in one place. On the grill, there is food that is sizzling, and drinks are pouring into your cup. Your region is invaded by a humming body. It picks at your food, buzzes around your beverage, and rubs up on your exposed skin! The quickest method to sour the mood and appetite must be this.

A personal insect exterminator, The Bug Bulb is like having one. The UV light in the gadget draws flies and mosquitoes using just a plug-in power source. Those annoying bugs are zapped and vanish in an instant.

By purchasing the Bug Bulb, you will be investing in a durable, high-quality device with extensive coverage. You won’t ever again trip in the dark or need a fly swatter, promise!

A few more advantages of Bug Bulb are as follows:

  • Appreciate the outdoors: Enjoy the clean, pure air of the outdoors with a charge that lasts up to 24 hours.
  • Boosting sleep quality: The time of being bitten in the bedroom is over. Put it by your bed, and enjoy uninterrupted slumber.
  • Save cash: The Bug Bulb offers superior quality at a more reasonable cost than its rivals.
  • Stress reduction: It can be overwhelming to try to get rid of those obnoxious flies and bugs. A bug-filled environment’s stressors are all eliminated by The Bug Bulb.
  • 100% secure and pure: The Bug Bulb is 100 percent UV radiation-free and free of toxins and chemicals.

Why do consumers favor Bug Bulb?

  • ZAPPER FOR MOSQUITOES POWERFUL INSIDE – Bug Bulb’s mosquito light zapper is here to replace your odorous mosquito repellent. The Bug Bulb mosquito killer trap is a potent, portable mosquito zapper that uses LED lights and a 600V power grid to draw mosquitoes and instantly kill them with a high-voltage electric shock. The ideal mosquito trap to easily get rid of mosquitoes.
  • ELECTRIC MOSQUITO KILLER FOR HOME PROTECTION – The Bug Bulb mosquito zapper will guard you and your loved ones against itchy bites. Each mosquito killer is compact, extremely silent, and equipped with a hanging loop, allowing you to hang the indoor zapper in the air for greater convenience. You and your family can enjoy a mosquito-free home all summer long because mosquito attractant is only intended for indoor use.
  • ZAPPER ELECTRIC WITH LONG-LASTING BATTERY – With the indoor mosquito trap’s quick and easy micro USB charging, you can get up to 6 hours of mosquito-zapping power. Use the best mosquito zapper on the market to get some indoor mosquito control. Connect the mosquito catcher, turn it on, and ZAP! Don’t spend any more money on insecticide.
  • CORDLESS MOSQUITOES ZAPPER THAT IS EASY TO CLEAN – Designed for simple cleaning The mosquitoes remain in an easy-to-clean vent design as the Bug Bulb mosquito zappers zap and trap them. You merely remove them with a small brush (cleaning brush included). The portable mosquito lamp and easy-to-use indoor mosquito zapper for use at home and while traveling.
  • SUPER-FAST ELECTRIC ZAPPER – The zapper light technology attracts mosquitoes and instantly zaps them! It is efficient, quick, and kind. For you and your family, a great indoor mosquito trap and light zapper. Place the indoor mosquito zapper where you want it to work best, and leave it running for at least two hours.

Bug Bulb Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a Bug Bulb?

It combines an insect zapper and a lamp for camping in one device. It is weather resistant, waterproof, portable, and light. With the handy hanging hook integrated into the base, you can hang it anywhere. Each bulb provides a comfortable bug-free zone for your outdoor safety and enjoyment, making it ideal for outdoor patios, backyards, RVs, and camping trips. It also clears a 16′ x 16′ area of pesky and dangerous mosquitoes. No more messing around with smoky coils or offensive, toxic bug sprays!

What kind of area does the Bug Bulb Light illuminate?

300 square feet.

What is the Bug Bulb Light’s effectiveness?

Since the purple LED light is so alluring to insects, they will follow it and simply get electrocuted by the electric coil without any hassle on your part.

How do you employ the Bug Bulb?

You don’t need to pay much attention to or exert much effort using the controls because they are simple. The apparatus requires little maintenance and is simple to clean. It will be as good as new if you just empty the bottom shell into the trash!

Does this Bug Bulb Resist Weather?

It is absolutely waterproof and weatherproof.

Is this Bug Bulb transportable?

Yes, the internal 2,000mAH rechargeable built-in battery allows for full recharge. Place it wherever you like, hang it from a great height, or even bring it on vacations. You’ll find yourself carrying the Bug Bulb Light everywhere because it’s so lightweight and portable.

How does one charge the Bug Bulb?

With the included micro USB charger, charging it is simple and convenient whenever you can. You won’t need to recharge because you’ll have enough power to last the entire day without being bothered by mosquitoes.

How long is the battery good for?

20 hours maximum.

What kind of cable is necessary?

A USB Type C (Wall charger and cable Included).

How long is the Bug bulb’s life expectancy?

10,000 hours.

What are the specifications for this Bug Bulb Zapper?

Size: 6.8 x 3.5 inches. 7 ounces or so roughly.

How bright is the Bug Bulb’s light component camping lantern?

Lumens of 6,000.

How durable is the Bug Bulb Zapper?

It is surrounded by a cover that is incredibly soft and durable.

Is the brightness of the lantern adjustable?

Yes, there are four light settings available; you can choose from 0%, 20%, 50%, or 100%, depending on your preferences.

Is it possible to turn off the camping lantern and use it only as a bug bulb?

Yes, you can completely turn off the camping lantern and use it as a bug bulb only. There are four light settings available; you can select from 0%, 20%, 50%, or 100% depending on your preferences.

How is it Cleaned?

The zapped insects drop to the unit’s bottom shell and settle in a tiny chamber above the camping lantern as they are destroyed. It will be in perfect condition if you simply empty the bottom shell into the trash.

How is it Charged?

With the included micro USB charger, charging it is simple and convenient whenever you can. You won’t need to recharge because you’ll have enough power to last the entire day without being bothered by mosquitoes.

Is there a chemical or odor coming from this bug bulb?

No, this lantern doesn’t contain any chemicals or smells.

Are these insect-shaped lights safe?

In addition to having a strong chemical smell, bug sprays and anti-mosquito candles also contain chemicals. Bug Bulb, on the other hand, is safe to use in your home and doesn’t contain any toxic materials.

Conclusion on Bug Bulb Reviews

the Bug Bulb Zapper is very simple to use and can be kept even close to children. If you’re allergic to typical bug sprays, this is the ideal solution for you because it uses no chemicals at all. Whichever way you prefer, you can hang the device from a high place or stand it on a flat surface. 

The Bug Bulb is easy to use. After charging the device (a green light indicator will let you know when it is fully charged), turn the rotary switch until you hear a “click,” and the LED light will turn on. Bugs and insects will be drawn to the purple LED in the device’s center, where they will be electrocuted. Although they are wide enough for insects to pass through, a double protective grid will shield kids from unintentional harm. You can get rid of any mosquitoes or other flying insects in your area by letting The Bug Bulb Light run for at least two hours. 

This mosquito repellent device could be useful if you want to enjoy the upcoming summer both indoors and outdoors. Spend your time on activities that will be more fruitful and let Bug Bulb handle your insect issues.Links that will take you directly to the official website, where a 50% Discount is waiting for you, are provided throughout this review if you decide to buy this product.

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