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FitTrack Scale Review 2022: Is It A Scam?

FitTrack Scale Review

We always hear that exercising regularly is essential for maintaining a healthy body and mind and that staying in shape is beneficial for your health. But maintaining a healthy lifestyle is more important as you age and should be included into your daily routine, not just for vanity. Numerous studies have demonstrated the many advantages associated with an active lifestyle and physical activity as we age.

Keeping fit and healthy as we age might delay the onset of numerous age-related health issues, including heart disease, brittle bones, obesity, and diabetes etc.Even as we get older, keeping up with daily exercise ensures that our bones and muscles remain as strong and healthy as possible. For mobility and performing daily duties, this is important. To maintain our ability to carry out daily tasks without becoming reliant or dependent on others, we require strong bones, healthy joints, and functional muscles.We maintain our independence and enjoy a greater quality of life by staying fit as we become older.

Even with insurance, health care is not at all inexpensive. Many patients cannot afford the cost of frequent hospital visits. Another example of this is how many people struggle to schedule appointments with their doctors or waste a lot of time attempting to make an appointment. An alternative would be to have something that would enable them to check themselves out more easily and conveniently at home.

I will be introducing a device that, according to the producers, will enable you to access your health parameters in this FitTrack Scale Review. You may decide if this is something you would like to spend your money on once I provide you some information and facts about the product and why it compares favorably to your other options. 

What is the FitTrack scale and How does it work?

The FitTrack is an intelligent BMI scale that offers details on your weight and other health issues. When using this smart scale, you will immediately realize that it works better than conventional weight scales, although initially giving the impression that it is just another scale.

The Dara BMI smart scale is one of the first products available that accurately assesses and monitors your health over time. 16 additional critical health metrics, such as body fat, muscle mass percentage, hydration, BMI, and more, are trackable with FitTrack. You will be better informed about what foods to eat more and what types of lifestyle to adopt.

Research has shown that bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) technology is one of the safest and most accurate methods for determining overall health and BMI in humans and other animals, and it is this technology that the FitTrack’s manufacturers used. To learn more and receive a discount, visit the official website!

FitTrack’s technical details

The FitTrack Dara’s features are detailed below.

  • 304*304*22mm (product size)
  • The weight range is 5kg to 180kg (111lbs to 396lbs), measured in kilograms and pounds.
  • It supports a maximum of eight users.
  • consists of a very precise sensor system.
  • The manufacturers employed a technology known as bioelectric impedance analysis (bioelectric impedance analysis).
  • Low battery means “Lo,” and overcharge is “EEr.”
  • four AA batteries (power supply)

FitTrack Scale Review: How Does It Operate?

The FitTrack differs from other fitness equipment of a similar nature by virtue of a number of distinctive features. This smart scale functions very similarly to other smart scales on the market, yet it excels in many areas. The FitTrack Dara bmi smart scale keeps track of your weight, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, and other measurements of your body composition. It can sync all of this data into an app or website that stores it so you can access it from any location. The fittrack pro app receives electronic impulses from your body when you stand on the Dara smart scale.

Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot more things to think about when it comes to body wellness. Using bioelectric impedance analysis technology, the FitTrack smart scale determines and evaluates your body composition. 

Since the FitTrack Dara’s working mechanism is similar to that of other smart scales, using it won’t be a problem for anyone who has previously used a smart scale. It only takes a few seconds for your reading to appear on your smartphone app when you simply stand on it without shoes. Actually, while you are weighing yourself, four metal electrodes emit a low-grade electronic signal. Depending on how much resistance the signals meet as they pass through the body’s fluids, different body composition measurements can be calculated.

When using the app, make sure the app is still connected to your smart scale and that your mobile device’s Bluetooth connection is strong enough. When everything is done, you will get a notification on the app, and then leave the scale. It’s very amazing how quickly the whole thing happens; it only takes a few seconds. An instruction manual for using FitTrack Scale is provided below:

For your smartphone or tablet, download the Fit Track app.

  • A dry, flat surface should be chosen for the BMI body digital scale.
  • Without socks and with both feet dry, step onto the scale.
  • You may get 17 different health measurements of your body right away from the FitTrack pro app.
  • Make the necessary health and wellness decisions/contact your health care provider from the reading you got.  

Features of the FitTrack

This device, which provides you with more information than ever, can assist you in reaching your fitness and health goals.You only need to step upon its platform for the device to display 17 different body metrics. All of this information is displayed in the FitTrack pro app, which is offered without cost with the FitTrack Scale. Some of the features of the FitTrack smart scale are listed below.

  • Your safety is ensured: Although some people may be concerned of this device because it uses electrical signals, this fear is unfounded because the signals are quite safe. The signals are only required to get the information from your body and do not hurt you in any manner.
  • Easy to use: If you’re familiar with smartphone use, learning how to use the FitTrack app won’t take much time. The software gives you the option to use whichever metrics you like to calculate your weight and BMI, whether daily, weekly, or monthly. The app’s explanation of each metric is among its best features. You will be able to determine whether you are consuming enough protein and whether you need to put in more effort to improve your body composition. Up to eight users can use FitTrack simultaneously, and each one can create a unique profile. Even children aren’t forgotten, as the Infant Mode allows you to monitor their health as they develop.Accessible in all app stores, the FitTrack Pro Tool is a straightforward download and easy-to-use app. With the help of this software, you can keep tabs on your health on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and get comprehensive health and weight information. Additionally, the program may pair via Bluetooth with the bmi scale and sync with Google Fit, Apple Health, and other pertinent health applications.
  • Saves Cost: If you have a Dara smart BMI digital at home, you won’t need to pay a hefty sum to cover your frequent trips to your gym Instructor for essential health information. You may track your crucial body composition data from the convenience of your home without spending any money or time traveling to a specialist. You will have access to live updates , which you can contrast with your perception of your  present bone mass and body composition.
  • Portable: FitTrack is portable and simple to carry in your back bag because of its compact size and lightweight. You will have access to your weight and health information at all times and from any location. Children can easily lift it and drop it if you’re not careful, so keep it away from them.
  • Accurate and very specific: There is no disputing the accuracy and precision of this scale. Step on it three or four times to confirm the results. The same information will be available for your weight and 17 different body composition indicators. However, you won’t be able to take full benefit of your FitTrack scale if you don’t connect it to an appropriate app. Thankfully, integrating it with the FitTrack pro app is easy. Over 17 different body composition factors can be tracked with the FitTrack Dara scale app or any other program you are accustomed to using, such as Google Health, Apple Health, or Google Fit. The BMI scale includes two modes: athlete and infant, with a maximum weight of 400 pounds. FitTrack can be used to measure body fat percentage, basal metabolic rate, weight without fat, muscle, metabolic age, protein rate, weight management, mass of muscle, standard weight, muscle rate, subcutaneous fat, body water percentage, visceral fat, body mass index, bone mass, and overall bodyweight.

FitTrack Scale Review: Factors to consider 

Although the FitTrack Dara has garnered accolades from numerous customers for its accuracy, a number of things could affect the findings of your body composition measurement. Don’t worry; it’s important to remember that these factors won’t significantly affect the result.

  • Hydration: The electrical signal sent by the FitTrack Dara BMI smart scale travels quickly through the fluids in your body, but if you’re dehydrated, it’s possible that the electrical impulses won’t travel as far. The electrical current appears to move more slowly when you’re dehydrated than when you’re adequately hydrated, according to this. The resistance that water produces is referred to as impedance. Before standing on the FitTrack Dara smart scale, drink some water to prevent having it think you have more fat than you actually do. Despite the FitTrack smart scale likely showing a lower body fat to muscle ratio, this does not in any way mean that you shouldn’t drink water because of your emotions. Take enough bodily fluids and stay hydrated to obtain an accurate body fat percentage.
  • Nutrition: Eating a substantial meal may cause your fat reading to be off. Your body may contain more fluids than usual, which could explain why your body fat percentage may be lower than usual. The smart scale will provide the most accurate information about your body fat index if you wait a few minutes after eating to step on it.
  • Exercise: Stepping on the scale right after a tough workout might not give you the accuracy you need. After exercise, the electrical signal in your body tends to move more quickly, providing the impression that you have less fat mass than you actually do. On the other hand, lean mass is inflated and fat mass is underestimated during moderate exercise. Whether you are assessing your progress in your program on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, maintain the same parameters.

FitTrack Scale Review: Where to buy?

The manufacturer’s website is the only place to buy the Fittrack Dara Smart scale. Even though this might be a problem for persons who are not used to making purchases online,it is a plus for a larger number of people. Technology improvements have enhanced a lot of elements of people’s lives, including how they shop for their favorite goods. The Fittrack Dara Smart scale is now available for purchase at your convenience on the company’s official website.

The payment process is also straightforward. PayPal, MasterCard, Visa Card, American Express, and more payment options are available. Both your money and the details of your purchases are protected. You will receive your Fittrack Dara Smart scale after the makers have processed your order as promptly as possible.

FitTrack Scale Review: Pricing

On the company’s official website, customers can purchase the Fittrack Dara Smart scale at discounted proces. You can purchase a Fittrack Dara Smart scale for the following prices, which are available at various discounts:

  • You may purchase one FitTrack for $89.99 plus shipping and handling.
  • Buy one and receive another half-price for $134.99 (a $44.99 savings). Moreover, delivery to the US is free.
  • Free shipping to the United States and a buy two, get one free deal for $179.98 (a savings of $89.99).

To confirm the quality of the goods, the manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee; as a result, you have 30 days to return the item if you’re not totally satisfied with it. Customer assistance for the business can be reached by email at The FitTrack smart scale can be shipped by the producers to the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, among other nations.

Dos and Don’ts for Using the FitTrack Scale

You are not expected to make a return if you mistakenly break your fitTrack Smart Scale,the money back guarantee offer only covers for damages or problems which has nothi mg to do with you the buyer. When using this digital scale, there are several crucial safety precautions you should follow to make sure you receive the most value for your money.

  • You must first understand that smart scales are high-precision machinery, thus you never want to jump on them. When using the scale, use it carefully to prevent any breaking so that you always receive accurate information.
  • A level FitTrack should be used, and you should wait 10 seconds before stepping onto the scales to weigh oneself. Check the device for damage before using it because doing so will result in erroneous results and sometimes even harm. If you believe the device isn’t functioning, check the batteries first; if you need a change of  batteries, take immediate action and do the needful.
  • FitTrack scales should be kept dry and without batteries; moisture, lint, heat, dust, or direct sunlight could cause this device to break down. Additionally, keep bulky objects far from the apparatus. Because some of this product’s components are made of plastic, you should stay away from using it if you have a plastic allergy.

FitTrack Scale Review: Pros

Purchasing the Fittrack Dara Smart scale has a lot of benefits. The benefits of the Fittrack Dara Smart scale are stated below.

  • The FitTrack Scale is a small, portable device.
  • It’s a partner in fitness.
  • The producers took advantage of a technology known as biomedical impedance technology.
  • Knowing more about yourself than just your weight empowers you to make the required lifestyle and dietary changes.
  • A 30 day money-back guarantee is offered with this product.
  • It is made of durable materials and is strong.
  • It is affordable

FitTrack Scale Review: Cons

  • The Fittrack Dara Smart scale can be purchased on the website of the business.
  • Place the smart scale measure on a flat, firm surface; if you use it on a soft surface, such as a carpet, the accuracy of your scale reading may be altered. Remember that this Bluetooth device cannot be used to treat any medical condition, and you should obtain medical guidance if you are following any diet or exercise regimen. A licensed healthcare professional should be consulted for medical guidance if you have a preexisting condition, such as pregnancy.
  • Avoid immersing the FitTrack Dara BMI smart scales in water and never clean them with soap or other detergents.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding The FitTrack Scale (FAQs)

The answers provided in this part are easy to understand and were obtained from information found on a variety of web resources.Take your time to go through it .

How can I add an additional profile?

The Dara BMI smart scale can hold up to eight persons, so you can keep an eye on the body compositions of other members of your family. Go to the profile icon, choose Add Members, then provide all the necessary details (Name, Weight, Height, Photo, and Mode) to complete the process. There is no need to be concerned about confusion caused by several users because each user profile is mentioned in the upper left corner. Using this program, you can maintain tabs on your family’s overall health, including the health of your children.

How can I get the FitTrack App to sync up with my FitTrack readings?

This gadget will instantly sync with your phone as soon as you connect to it. Follow the necessary instructions to reconnect your App to your smartphone if you find that this device is not synchronizing as it should.

What available modes are there?

When you create your profile, you will be required to select your preferred mode. Under this model, the device will offer more thorough and detailed feedback, enabling you to keep track of how well your training sessions are working.

The essential indicators, especially those specific to an athlete’s sport, can be checked using this mode. For weightlifters, factors like % bone mass, weight without fat, and muscle mass are particularly significant. With the device’s capacity for up to eight users, personal trainers may effortlessly monitor the performance of their customers. This will allow you to inform them if they need to increase or decrease their protein mass.

You can also create a baby profile account, which is a crucial technique. The infant must first stand with you on the BMI scale because he is unable to do so on his own. The weight of the baby can then be calculated.

What must I do in the event that my FitTrack readings are missing?

It’s critical to keep in mind that this device is only set up to display your weight; your Fittrack App will hold all of your other data. The next thing to do is to get your scale recalibrated if you discover that the App is not recording its readings.

Prior to removing and changing your FitTrack scale’s batteries, make sure they are still charged. After that, you should step on your Fittrack smart scale, which must be placed on a firm, flat surface. As soon as the recalibration is complete, the reading will be reset to 0.0 lbs/kg.

Will my FitTrack and phone be able to communicate?

Yes, by following these easy steps, you can sync the FitTrack Dara scale with your phone. You must finish the following steps to set up your account if you are using FitTrack for the first time.

Step 1: Complete the procedures below after getting your Fit Track Smart Scale. Before trying to install the App on your phone, unbox your product first. Download the latest version of the FitTrack MyHealth app. Smartphones running Android and iOS can both use this app.

Create a FitTrack MyHealth App account in step two. The App is easy to use, and the process of making an account only takes a minute.

Step 3: After setting up your account, connect your Dara FitTrack Smart scale to the app. Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled and that your device is set to “discoverable” before opening the FitTrack MyHealth app. There are two methods of connecting:

To utilize Option 1, click Add device under the My Day tab. Finally click Search, after which you should scale Dara, connect, and then connect to the device. For people who have never used this product before, our is the first stage. Existing users can do this by doing the actions listed below:

If you’re already logged in, just open the FitTrack MyHealth app and sign in with your sign-up information. Your phone will automatically connect if you have already linked to this FitTrack scale; otherwise, use the methods listed below to connect if you haven’t already:

Option 1: Select Add device under My Day on the tab menu. Then select Scale Dara, then Connect, and lastly Search.

Option 2: Search for Dara Scale and select it before connecting to the device.

What is its maximum weight capacity?

400 pounds or more can be supported by this gadget. Since this range is so broad, most people will fall within it. The FitTrack can be used by anyone to obtain the desired results, regardless of sex, class, gender, or size.

How accurate is FitTrack Dara?

You will receive a precise reading quickly from this smart scale because of its high degree of accuracy. When compared to a DEXA scan, it has a +/- 3% accuracy.

How does FitTrack help me take better care of my health?

With the fitTrack, additional health and weight loss parameters can be accessed. Your regular scale can only determine your total weight, which is not sufficient for evaluating your health. The FitTrack scale can also assist you in creating a weight-loss plan.

The FitTrack will help you chart a successful course for your weight loss endeavor and will enable you to monitor your development over time. With the use of this device, you will be able to weigh yourself and measure other significant parameters in the comfort of your own home, with the data being synced to your phone. The FitTrack will help you improve your health by keeping you from getting overweight. Obesity is a silent killer that is associated with several chronic conditions and the FitTrack will keep you from this.

FitTrack Scale Review: Final Verdict

Exercise enhances our quality of life because it allows us to remain young-looking, mobile, independent, and highly functional as we age. Because of this, we may keep doing what we love without sacrificing our identities or our independence. This gives us a sense of direction, enables us to stay motivated, and lessens the loneliness that is typical of old age. It is a good idea to start an exercise regimen if you don’t already have one because, no matter when you start, you will benefit from staying fit. Anyone, even elderly, may always increase their physical fitness with the help of the FitTrack Scale.

This product is a good one and is available for sale online. You can purchase this item very easily by clicking the link below, which will then connect you to the manufacturer’s official website. There are various units available, each with a different discount. You can go ahead and buy any number of units you desire at a discounted price.

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