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FixMeStick Reviews 2022: Read This Before Buying!

FixMeStick Reviews

This FixMeStick Reviews will discuss one of the most neglected aspects of computer use but with serious consequences. Every Internet user needs to be aware that the Internet might be dangerous if appropriate safety measures are not taken. One of the dangerous aspects of the Internet is the menace of software viruses that go on to ravage your data and computer at larger Viruses can seriously harm your data and are the enemies of computer software. 

Every virus has the potential to jeopardize the security of the data on your device. The majority of viruses enter a computer through dodgy file downloads. The faulty files are typically misrepresented as being something else, and you can encounter them by falling for an email scam or by clicking on a bad link. Although you may believe that you take precautions and there is little chance that you will download a corrupt file, you should be aware that hackers and virus developers are getting craftier and are creating viruses that are challenging to detect and get rid of.

Your gadget may become sluggish if it is infected with a virus. Viruses have the ability to remove files that are essential to the effective operation of your phone or computer. If your device is running antivirus software, you can prevent the infection from corrupting your data. All of the crucial files will be kept safe and secure. Spyware is software that is intended to infect your computer and track your browsing patterns and search history. The spyware searches your phone or computer for any personal information that may be there. Passwords, financial information, social security numbers, credit card numbers, and other crucial information can all be stolen using this method. 

Spywares are sophisticated programs that can capture and save data in real-time. When you shop online, it runs invisibly and immediately gathers your payment information. It then sends this sensitive data to the hacker who created the spyware at a remote location. Because hackers can use your credit cards to make purchases, it also causes identity theft. The greatest choice for protecting the devices from spyware is an antivirus.

Because you will receive numerous irrelevant advertisements and emails, spam might be annoying. Most individuals are unaware that spam frequently arises as a result of a computer virus. The network won’t be compromised by the virus if you have antivirus software. Antivirus software is highly useful since it will stop any unauthorized incoming connections. It will prevent hackers from stealing any important data and keep your machine and the network secure from any unwanted software. It serves as a barrier that stops hackers from accessing user files and guards against identity theft. 

You don’t need to open a file straight if you’re not sure if there’s a problem. To be on the same page, you can scan the file with the antivirus program before opening it. The virus can be stopped from propagating, and the damage will be minimized if the file is scanned. If you want the gadgets to work effectively and maintain the privacy of your personal information, protecting them against damaging malware is crucial, and the product under review in this article has features that the manufacturers believe will help you keep your computer and data secured.

What is the FixMeStick? 

The FixMeStick obviously has a semblance to a USB flash; well, it is more. The FixMeStick is the most practical and user-friendly tool for removing computer viruses and malware. It differs from other antivirus software on the market in that all you have to do is plug it into a USB port; installation is not required. Your computer will be cleaned of malware, viruses, and other threats after a reboot and scan. 

The software performs about the same as any conventional antivirus program in terms of virus elimination. But this device does more than simply try to block viruses from entering your computer with virus prevention software.  The FixMeStick is an all-inclusive tool. It is intended for use when you are already under intense attack from malware, and you are at a loss for what to do. Any virus that has evaded your antivirus software is found and eliminated by FixMeStick Antivirus Software.

 I will discuss FixMeStick’s benefits, drawbacks, features, and cost in this article. I intend to provide you with all the information you require, allowing you to assess if it is worthwhile for you to get the FixMeStick for yourself.

How to Use FixMeStick 

A fantastic tool for detecting malware on your PC is the FixMeStick. However, in order to discover viruses on your computer, it requires an online connection to update its software with the most recent malware definitions. 

Infected files are moved to quarantine on your hard drive and turned off when FixMeStick discovers them. There, they remain dormant. The location of infected data resembles a cemetery for viruses. Because the virus is not saved on the FixMeStick, it cannot be transferred from one computer to another. You won’t need to be concerned about losing any crucial files because the quarantined area may be readily restored if necessary. 

You want to complete the task quickly and easily, then, right? Well, we have all you require right here. Just carry out these actions. 

  • Open your computer, then sign in. 
  • Fill any available USB port on your computer with the FixMeStick. 
  • If FixMeStick doesn’t show up on the screen, plug the device back in and try another USB port on your computer. The second option is to locate FixMeStick in File Explorer or My Computer. Double-click it when you locate it. 
  • Click Yes to approve modifications to your computer on the pop-up window. 
  • After the FixMeStick has updated itself, click Reboot and then launch FixMeStick to begin scanning. 
  • You will be prompted to select Clean Computer when FixMeStick has finished scanning. 

If you have a Secure Boot feature enabled or pending Windows upgrades, FixMeStick may not be able to boot automatically. FixMeStick will alert you and offer you a link to instructions on how to manually set up your system if something is stopping it from starting smoothly.  A lot of people have tested the FixMeStick’s boot process, and each time it loaded flawlessly on the first try. You can reach out to their tech support line if it doesn’t work for you. 

There is a helpful Undo button in case your FixMeStick configures something incorrectly and breaks Windows’ boot procedure. Simply restart using the USB drive and select “Undo Quarantine.” Your computer will be returned to its previous functional condition after using the FixMeStick, allowing you to call technical support for assistance in manually removing the virus.

Many virus cleanup programs attempt to repair the infected PC using a bootable USB. Sadly, most of them are limited to outdated booting firmware. It’s simple to enter the BIOS firmware on an older computer and instruct it to boot from your USB device. It’s a little trickier if your PC is more recent and has UEFI. The FixMeStick offers a number of automated solutions to this issue. 

You might have to alter the boot order yourself if your computer has outdated BIOS firmware. You must instruct your BIOS to disregard your other operating systems and give your FixMeStick priority because the FixMeStick program is a standalone bootable operating system. 

The majority of laptops and computers are set up to start from the internal hard drive initially. You will just be returned to your infected operating system as a result. Here are some instructions on how to modify the BIOS bootable media order if your FixMeStick doesn’t load immediately. 

When your computer restarts, keep an eye out for a notification directing you to the BIOS. It might say something like, “Press F10 to enter setup,” and it should be right at the start of the boot process. Try pressing F2, F10, F11, F12, or DEL immediately after powering on your computer if no warning shows.

. Locate the boot settings menu once your BIOS has loaded. It may be found under a tab titled “Advanced,” “System Configuration,” or even “Storage,” and is most likely referred to as “Boot Options” or “Boot Order.” 

You can choose from options like “Internal HDD,” “USB,” and possibly even “CD-ROM” when you click on your boot settings menu. To instruct your BIOS to load the USB drives before the hard drive, select “USB.” Make sure to save your settings before exiting the BIOS! 

Errors with your USB port could also be the cause of your FixMeStick not functioning. Some of your USB ports may develop rust, dust, or other physical damage if they aren’t used frequently. Additionally, you can experience software issues or incompatibility with various USB versions. Sometimes configuration issues prevent computers or laptops with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports from booting from those ports. If you’re sure your BIOS is configured correctly, but the FixMeStick still refuses to load, try a few other USB ports until you find one that works. For the next time, keep in mind which.

Device Compatibility with FixMeStick? 

You will want at least 512 MB of RAM on your PC to execute FixMeStick. Fusion Drive, RAID storage, and Optane storage solutions are incompatible with FixMeStick. 

Working with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and the most recent version of Windows 11. It has been compatible with Macs built on Intel processors from 2006 to 2017. Systems are incompatible as of 2018 and later.

Although FixMeStick indicated that creating a version for tablets is on their to-do list, the company’s current version is not built to accommodate tablet use.

How to Use FixMeStick in an Emergency 

FixMeStick is a crucial tool if you discover that malware has gained control of your machine. When malware prohibits you from installing or running traditional antivirus, it may be helpful. FixMeStick should be used in conjunction with normal antivirus software, especially one that offers real-time defense against fresh threats. In addition, it must be able to resolve any current issues.

Antivirus software operates concurrently with the operating system. Protecting your computer from harmful dangers like viruses and malware is easy with antivirus software. However, it’s not completely reliable, so you should also have a backup antivirus program in place in case the first one malfunctions. 

The Linux-based FixMeStick starts up before the infected operating system does. FixMeStick now has the benefit of eliminating viruses and rootkits that would otherwise prevent you from identifying and eliminating the infected software while your operating system is running. After FixMeStick has fixed the issue, run a thorough antivirus check right away. 

FixMeStick Reviews: Features

The FixMeStick might seem lacking in features when compared to an antiviral program with all the bells and whistles. The FixMeStick probably isn’t for you if you’re searching for a tool that provides real-time protection and routinely scheduled scans. Rather than just erecting a barrier to try to keep viruses out, this gadget was created to save a system that is already compromised and on life support. As a result, it will include somewhat less sugar and slightly more grit. 

Here is a brief summary of FixMeStick’s best attributes. 

  • Uses a different external drive to start your infected PC. 
  • Nothing needs to be installed prior. 
  • any number of scans you require 
  • Zero shipping fees (except for the trial version) 
  • Lifetime promise (except for the trial version) 
  • Within the first 45 days, you can get your money back if you don’t like it. 
  • Free customer service 
  • Updates, which include virus and malware signatures, are free and automatic. 
  • rapidly and easily removes the majority of virus and malware infections 
  • The user-friendly system cleaning procedure has an intuitive interface. 

FixMeStick Reviews: Benefits 

Many viruses and other pieces of malware might install themselves right into your boot process, disabling your antivirus program. Whether you use Windows or Mac OS X, this can happen. Before your regular boot process, the FixMeStick temporarily assumes control in order to prevent the virus from loading into memory. This defeats the majority of viruses and malware before they have a chance to take hold. 

Additionally, it is quite powerful against ransomware. The malware scene has recently welcomed another trouble- ransomware. Your hard drives are locked up, and if you don’t pay the criminal a ransom, everything will be deleted. The attacker is not required to grant you access to your drives even if you pay, and you risk losing everything nonetheless.

The bootable FixMeStick solution is intended to circumvent ransomware by functioning as a different hard drive. You won’t need to get into negotiations with the hacker since it remains cut off from the virus where it can safely remove the ransomware. 

You can also be protected from viruses that alter your system password by using the bootable FixMeStick. You can boot from your FixMeStick to eliminate the virus and change your password if your password is ineffective and you are unable to log in to perform a virus scan. 

To prevent you from installing a new antivirus application, many common viruses destroy your operating system files and disable your antivirus software. The FixMeStick doesn’t require installation on your computer and operates independently of your operating system. By booting into its own operating system, isolating the infection, and restoring your system files and antivirus software, it can avoid these issues. 

Some of the most harmful viruses remain undetected for extended periods of time while collecting your data. Your usernames, passwords, internet history, and bank account information may be included. The malware will covertly relay your secrets back to the attacker if it can take over your internet connection, allowing them to empty your bank accounts. 

In order to prevent these info dumps and prevent the virus from communicating with external resources, FixMeStick’s bootable drive loads before the infection. 

Even though having the FixMeStick on hand can save your life in an emergency, it’s still crucial to keep your computer secure with conventional antivirus software. Although your FixMeStick has many innovative ways to deal with viruses, you use it as a last resort in the event that a virus manages to get past your other antivirus software.

FixMeStick Reviews: Pros

  • The most harmful viruses and malware can be eliminated by robust bootable USB-based antivirus software. 
  • knowledgeable about using USB boot processes, including UEFI and BIOS 
  • Excellent live chat programs and remote support resources 

FixMeStick Reviews:Cons

  • It can only be purchased online
  • Limited in stock 

FixMeStick Reviews: Where to Buy and Pricing

You can buy yours online via the link included below. Putting a price on antivirus protection is difficult. It all depends on how valuable your data is to you and how much you’re willing to spend to protect it. You might not be willing to spend much money at all to protect your computers’ sensitive or important data if you don’t have a lot of it. 

But fewer and fewer people have no emotional connection to the information on their computers. Most people have enormous amounts of priceless data on their devices. This can consist of social media passwords and logins, credit card and social security numbers, private images and texts, and much more. Your data is undoubtedly irreplaceable to you, whether it has monetary value or is only valuable to you emotionally. That implies that the antiviral program you employ is likewise very valuable.

The most objective way to analyze the cost of an antiviral solution is to look at the average price of similar rivals because data has a subjective value. I had a look at the prices that various antivirus providers charge for comparable goods with even lesser than the FixMeStick. It turns out that the FixMeStick is fairly inexpensive.

Additionally, the FixMeStick offers a virus removal warranty to ensure that it fulfills your needs. You can call their customer care line if the software doesn’t completely remove all the spyware and viruses from your devices. They have a large staff of skilled software engineers who can assist you in manually removing the threats and getting your systems back up and running. 

The Home subscription costs $59.99 per year if you’re a simple customer seeking a tailored solution to safeguard your home PCs. You will then receive the USB stick along with the priceless program that is licensed for up to three home computers. The price of shipping is included. 

For only $89.99, you can also purchase a 2-year membership with a license for up to five devices. That’s not a terrible deal at all, in my opinion. 

If you’re still unsure whether it’s worthwhile, you can order a FixMeStick USB with a 30-day trial license and have it shipped to you for $9.99 plus postage. You may also get the Pro edition, which includes a corporate license good for an infinite number of computers if you’re a business user needing to secure an entire fleet of irreplaceable devices and their data. Each year that costs $299.99. 

The 30-day period begins the moment you purchase the trial version. Your subscription won’t begin for any other versions until you use your FixMeStick for the first time. That implies that you can store money in your back pocket without worrying about its value diminishing until a true emergency shows up. 

Every time the device checks for updates after you activate it, it will verify that your subscription is still active. The product will stop functioning if you choose not to renew it when your subscription time expires. However, you are not required to wait until it is through. Anytime you like, you can extend your subscription for a few more years or even renew your current one. If you use an Apple device, there is a specific FixMeStick edition designed for Apple products. Make Sure You Choose FixMeStick If You Want To Protect Your Computer.

FixMeStick Reviews: What Are The Customers Saying?

Manic Maker: By Cheesr7 on May 6th, 2020 – “We had a dinosaur computer ready for the curb. Gave fix me a try, and what a surprise. It ran for over 12 hours and found and cleaned six viruses, and I can’t believe we have a usable desktop now. Runs faster and boots up like a new machine. Would recommend not hesitate. Easy to use.”

Love it: By Elo W on May 17th, 2014 – “I bought the pro version and have used it on my own computers and on some of my friends’ machines. Very easy to use and does a superb job with all three antivirus programs. It is amazing how one program will find problems that the other two don’t pick up. Don’t want to be without it.”

“The best Mac cleaner. By Ghislaine on May 9th, 2017 – “Does the job… Cleaned any virus that I had perfectly. In just a couple of hours.Secure and peace of mind.”

FixMeStick Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions

Does the FixMeStick only have a single use? 

Throughout the duration of your membership, you are permitted an unlimited number of FixMeStick uses on the devices you’ve chosen. 

Is it necessary for me to keep my FixMeStick plugged in constantly? 

No, you just need to conduct a scan when you wish to use your FixMeStick. The FixMeStick only functions when it is plugged in because it doesn’t download software to your PC. There is no software to install or passwords to remember while using FixMeStick. When you’re ready, disconnect your FixMeStick after scanning your PC. 

Does FixMeStick actually function like advertised? 

YES. The FixMeStick doesn’t require installation on your computer and operates independently of your operating system, unlike some of your favorite virus removal techniques that use bootable media. They operate entirely independently of your memory, boot order, operating system, and hard drives in a walled garden. 

How do I launch a fixmestick? 

Locate a functional USB port, insert your FixMeStick, and see if Windows can still be loaded on your infected PC if it supports UEFI. The application ought to launch automatically. If not, go to the fresh USB device and select the FixMeStick application. 

A red button with the text “Reboot and Start FixMeStick” should appear. Click the button after closing all other programs. 

Conclusion on FixMeStick Reviews

The FixMeStick can save you if a virus or malware leaves your operating system and antivirus software worthless. I would unquestionably suggest this product to you if you respect your data and utilize a PC with a working internet connection. 

The FixMeStick does not require installation and prevents the malware or virus from loading during your boot process; hard disks that have been ransomware-locked can be circumvented, protects against malware that alters the operating system password, and prevents nefarious malware from transferring your sensitive data to external sources.

The FixMeStick is a wonderful device in that it operates entirely independently of your memory, boot order, operating system, and hard drives. This makes it almost impossible for the virus to infect them unless it naturally spreads via the air, which is impossible. With the FixMeStick, you can call an expert if you have any issues. For the ultimate peace of mind, use your FixMeStick along with real-time virus protection. You can make your purchase by clicking the link below.

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