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Hiya Vitamins Reviews 2023: Why This Multivitamin Is Trending In The USA

Hiya Vitamins Reviews

Is it necessary for children to take vitamins? If you’re a parent, this is probably a question you’ve asked yourself. Assume you took every precaution to ensure your baby has a healthy start in life. It’s possible that you ate a nutrient-dense diet, took prenatal vitamins, and breastfed your child. The truth is that your child’s nutritional requirements change at the same rate as their bodies do as they grow older.

During the critical years of growth and development, children must receive the recommended amounts of nutrients. Unfortunately, nutrient levels are not what they once were due to modern farming methods and the prevalence of processed foods. For that reason, children should take premium multivitamins with the appropriate amounts of vital nutrients for their age.

When was the last time you served vegetables to your child, and they ate them all? Getting your child to eat vegetables may be difficult if he or she is like most others. As your child grows older, their body will require more nutrients and vitamins. A well-balanced diet is the best source of vitamins and nutrients for children to develop into healthy, strong adults, but this is not always possible. We look at some of the most compelling reasons for supplementing your child’s diet with a multivitamin on a daily basis.

Whatever your age, remember that a daily multivitamin supplement is necessary. Multivitamins are an excellent way to compensate for nutritional deficiencies that may be preventing you from living your best life. The same is true for multivitamins for children.  If your child is a picky eater, you may find that they have nutritional gaps and that taking a multivitamin will help them get the vitamins and nutrients they need each day. Of course, if you’re concerned about how much or how little food your child is consuming, you should speak with your doctor or a nutritionist who can evaluate his or her diet.

Hiya Health, based in the United States, is committed to redefining paediatric healthcare. Hiya was founded by Adam Gillman and Darren Litt, two Los Angeles-based fathers, after they realised that the majority of existing children’s vitamin alternatives were nutritionally deficient and were causing the health issues they intended to address.

Gillman and Litt were taken aback when they discovered that a typical children’s vitamin contained the same amount of sugar as a piece of chocolate cake. As a result, they gathered a team of top doctors and nutritionists to create a superior vitamin with no added sugar. As a result, Hiya, a daily chewable children’s vitamin containing all of the nutrients children require, was developed.

Are you tired of giving your children sugary, junk-filled vitamin gummies? Do your multivitamins keep failing you or expiring before you even take them? I’d be exhausted if I were you. As a result, you should read Hiya Reviews. Are you curious about Hiya? I’ve been there before. Your questions will be answered, and our Hiya Vitamins review will point you in the right direction.

What Makes the Hiya Kids Daily Multivitamin Supplement Special ?

Hiya Kids Multivitamin is a safe and effective nutritional supplement for children that promotes immunity, growth, and development. It provides your child with the optimal nutritional balance that they may be lacking from regular meals because it contains 15 vital elements that are all naturally available in fruits and vegetables.

No matter how hard you try, kids can be picky, and getting them to eat their fruits and vegetables isn’t always easy. Being an adult who despises greens isn’t as bad anymore, with so many multivitamins to choose from. However, giving a child a tablet in place of a nutritious meal is not a good idea. Hiya Kids Multivitamin aims to address the issue of nutritional deficiencies. This supplement strives to provide the best multivitamin so that you can provide your children with the nutrition they need. It is rich in minerals and vitamins derived from organic fruits and vegetables and other natural sources.

It is a difficult job to be a parent, especially when it comes to ensuring that your children have access to and consume nutritious food. Meeting all of a child’s nutritional needs will be difficult no matter how hard a parent tries, especially since the majority of people dislike vegetables, which are high in vitamins and nutrients that will help them grow up healthy.

This problem is addressed by Daily Multivitamin, which contains nutrients that are frequently lacking in children’s meals. The supplement contains vitamins and minerals that have been shown in research to help your child’s growth, development, and immunity. Furthermore, based on the numerous positive Hiya Kids Vitamins reviews, the supplement appears to be beneficial to the vast majority of parents who have ordered it. Yo can make your purchase right away!

Hiya Vitamins Reviews: Ingredients 

Some of the featured ingredients in Hiya multivitamins are 360 micrograms (mcg) of vitamin A, 40 mcg of vitamin C, 25 mcg of vitamin D, 0.5 milligrammes (mg) of thiamine (b1), 25 mcg of biotin (b7), 200 mcg of folate (b9), 0.6 mg of riboflavin (b2), 2.5 mcg of pantothenic acid (b5), 2 mcg of methylcobalamin (b12), 1.5 mg of manganese, 3 mg of zinc, 15 mcg of selenium, 50 mcg of iodine, 20 mg of calcium, and 3.5 mg of vitamin E.

The aforementioned ingredients are on a single serving (1 chewable vitamin), and it should be noted that it lacks iron and a significant amount of calcium, two essential elements that children typically do not consume in sufficient amounts. Because calcium and iron do not mix well and each causes malabsorption of the other, a child’s diet is far more important for his or her overall health. This is one of the reasons why certain components of healthy vitamins are lacking.

Each chewable tablet contains 15 essential vitamins and minerals derived from a combination of 12 organic fruits and vegetables, including apples, beets, broccoli, and carrots, as well as other ingredients. Hiya’s multivitamins, according to Hiya, help address nutritional deficiencies in children’s meals, thereby strengthening their immune systems, encouraging optimal brain development, and improving their focus.

Unlike many other products on the market, Hiya was able to achieve the goal by creating a clean and pleasant multivitamin.These vitamins are naturally sweetened by monk fruit. Mannitol, an organic sweetener found in strawberries and pumpkins, is also included. Let’s take a closer look at some of the supplement’s key ingredients to see how they can improve your child’s health:

Vitamin A

Squash, carrots, and kale are high in vitamin A, which supports your body’s safety by maintaining healthy eyes, cells, and tissues. Retinol palmitate and beta-carotene are the two most common forms of vitamin A.

Both are present in the Hiya  multivitamins box and are essential for good health, according to pediatricians. Your children will get the recommended amount of Vitamin A with a 360 mcg dose.

Vitamin C

 Hiya also contains 40 mcg of ascorbic acid, which is a type of vitamin C. Children cannot synthesise vitamin C on their own and must rely on external sources such as multivitamins. Hiya  promotes the growth of your child’s immune system.Vitamin C is also found in oranges, peppers, and strawberries. Hiya provides everything that is pure and natural.

Vitamin D

Hiya will assist you in obtaining the nutrient that children are most deficient in, vitamin D, by providing 25 mcg of colecalciferol. Children who live in cold climates, are obese, or have picky eating habits are particularly vulnerable to this deficiency.Vitamin D boosts the immune system and promotes bone growth. Hiya contains a sufficient amount of this nutrient because we all want our children to be strong and healthy.

Vitamin E

The vitamin E in Hiya Multivitamin is D-Alpha Tocopherol, which contains 3.5 mg. This nutrient, which can be found in spinach, avocados, and almonds, helps the immune system, heart, and vision.

The majority of the foods we eat do not contain vitamin E. This makes me wonder if we can get it from the food we eat. As a result, the Hiya Multivitamin makes the speeded supplement. 

Thiamin B1 (B1)

This nutrient has a significant impact on our children’s mood and sleep patterns. You can be certain that your beautiful infant will get enough vitamin B1 with a 0.5 mg thiamin mononitrate thiamin! Children who frequently consume processed foods such as pizza and cereal have the highest requirement for this vitamin (which appears to be the case with a lot of children!).


Aside from other vitamins that improve vision, the natural form of riboflavin with a 0.6 mcg rate provides energy and stimulates cell growth in children.Riboflavin is a water-soluble vitamin, which is a plus. As a result, the body will expel any excess material naturally.

Broccoli, avocados, and Brussels sprouts are high in folate (B9). It, like riboflavin, stimulates cell growth and energy production in the body.


Hiya’s miltivitamin contains 300 mcg of 5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid, glucosamine salt to help your children.

Unmetabolized folic acid, which remains in the body for an extended period of time after ingestion and harms a person’s overall health, is found in the majority of multivitamins.

Hiya uses natural foliate rather than synthetic folic acid, which is found in many vitamins and cereals. Hello will protect you from this threat!

B12 vitamin

Hiya’s creators made a significant improvement to the most common type of Vitamin B12. Hiya contains 2 mg of vitamin B12 methylcobalamin, which aids in sleep.

This vitamin is sometimes purposefully left out of children’s vitamins, but Hiya did not do so. 

Because it provides the needed effects, the methylcobalamin form is recommended for children. 

Vitamin B7

Hiya contains 25 mcg of vitamin B7 in its natural form, which not only promotes cellular growth but also, and this is important, promotes healthy skin in your children.

Mushrooms, avocados, and cauliflower are high in biotin. Because this vitamin is water-soluble, any excess will be eliminated by the body of your child.

Pantothenic Acid (B5)

Vitamin B5 improves your child’s energy, concentration, and sleep. B5 is the B vitamin with the lowest concentration in processed and junk food. As a result, you must ensure that your child receives the benefits of this nutrient. In its natural state, this vitamin contains 2.5 mcg.


It is true that children do not produce calcium on their own. Because they do not get enough calcium from their diets, the body removes calcium from their bones. Gross!

Hiya’s 20 mcg calcium carbonate is amazing m because it helps your child’s bones and development while also providing them with the strength they require.

Kale, collard greens, and broccoli are also calcium-rich foods. Hiya has got you covered when it comes to this vitamin.


Iodine is an essential nutrient for children, but it is often lacking in your conventional multivitamins. However, Hiya is an exception.

Your child will not be deficient in this nutrient if he or she takes the Hiy la supplement as recommended. Eggs contain iodine as well.


Most kids have to be coerced into eating beans, pork, or poultry. However, thanks to Hiya, your children will be able to consume the zinc minerals present in these foods.

Zinc can aid in the prevention of cuts, nicks, and infections. It also boosts the immune systems of your children. Hiya’s zinc citrate content of 3 mg ensures your child’s health.


The 15 mcg selenium methionine vitamin, which is abundant in tuna and mushrooms, will improve your child’s sleep, mood, and inflammation.Children are unable to produce this selenium vitamin on their own. Selenium, on the other hand, is frequently overlooked in multivitamins. Your child will not be denied this benefit. 


Manganese can be found in a variety of foods, including potatoes, chickpeas, and tofu. Hiya contains 1.5 mcg of manganese citrate. This vitamin aids in both inflammation and metabolism. In children, this vitamin is frequently overlooked. This, however, should not be the case!

Hiya Vitamins Reviews: Pros

  • Subscription based Administration: A subscription is required for Hiya Multivitamins. This allows the supplement to be automatically delivered to your door every 30 days. As a result, parents no longer have to worry about ordering the supplement before the current supply runs out.
  • Because it is a monthly subscription, the company will ship fresh vitamins every month, eliminating any concerns about how long the supplement has been on the market or the efficacy of the ingredients.
  • There is no sugar present: Excessive sugar consumption is not appropriate for any child. When combined with the encouragement of harmful behaviors, it can result in cavities and unhealthful weight gain, among other issues. Regardless of how great the products are, most parents are concerned about the sugar content of many of today’s children’s vitamins. Parents giving their children the Hiya will not be concerned about this.The delicious flavor of the supplement is provided by the monk fruit, which contains no sugars or sweets.
  • Natural Ingredients derived from nature: The supplement contains only natural, risk-free ingredients. Children can absorb the majority of the vitamins and minerals in the products without experiencing any negative side effects. The dietary supplement tastes great and is free of soy, dairy, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It is also suitable for vegans.
  • Vitamins that are chewable: Gummy multivitamins are popular with kids. Choking is one of the most serious issues associated with gummies. Furthermore, due to their texture, they will adhere to your child’s teeth, potentially causing cavities. None of the risks listed above apply to the chewable vitamin Hiya.
  • Improved function: The product contains vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to your child’s health in a variety of ways. The supplement’s components, according to scientific evidence, promote improved immunity, eyesight, bone growth, and cognitive function.
  • Fills Nutritional Gaps in Your Child: Providing nutritious, well-balanced meals is essential for raising a healthy and happy child. As parents may be aware, getting there is more difficult than gathering the necessary information.Hiya contains 15 vitamins and minerals that can help fill the most common nutritional gaps in your child’s diet.
  • Simple And Effective: Your child should only take one chewable vitamin per day. This is fantastic because many products necessitate two to four gummies per day. It is simple to open the special glass bottle containing the chewable vitamins.
  • The glass bottle is also embellished with stickers for the child to personalize. This makes taking vitamins more enjoyable and fun—not that they need it because they are already delicious!

Hiya Vitamins Reviews: Cons

There is always the risk of negative side effects with supplements because anything taken in excess can be dangerous. Unless your child develops sensitivities to any of the organic minerals and vitamins in the supplement, there is little chance of side effects.

  • Because these chewables contain the correct amount of each ingredient, it is critical to take the prescription exactly as directed. If your child consumes an excessive number of these, you should contact emergency and your doctor right away because high levels of certain nutrients can be hazardous and harmful.
  • If your child consumes too much vitamin, it will usually passed through their urine with no major consequences. Some vitamins, on the other hand, are retained by the body rather than released, and an excess of these vitamins can have a variety of negative consequences. Consult your child’s pediatrician before giving them any multivitamin supplements. You will know if the product you want to use is safe for them and if they have better options for which product will fit your child.

Hiya Vitamins Reviews: Dosing

According to Hiya, every child should take one vitamin daily. Never give your child more multivitamins than the daily recommended amount to avoid negative side effects. 

Although some nutrients are better absorbed with food, your child can take the Hiya Children Daily Multivitamin with or without food whenever it is convenient for you. Most people find it easy to incorporate Hiya into their tea or morning routine.The vitamins are appropriate for both boys and girls over the age of two. 

Hiya Vitamins Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions 

The following are answers to frequently asked Hiya Vitamins questions:

How does your vitamin taste so good when no sugar is added?

Monk fruit, a natural superfruit that is sweeter and tastier than sugar and has an appealing flavour for children, is used to naturally sweeten our vitamins. Each vitamin also has a trace amount of mannitol, a plant-based sweetener found in strawberries and pumpkins that dentists frequently recommend.

Why is your supplement chewable rather than gummy?

One of the cons of your standard gummy vitamins is that they get stuck in your children’s teeth, causing cavities. They teach bad health habits by associating health with sweets, and they are heat and melting sensitive, resulting in “dead vitamins” that frequently lack the nutrients listed on the bottle. Gummy vitamins are frequently filled with synthetic junk and hard-to-pronounce ingredients. Chewables e. The Hiya Vitamin are a far superior delivery method for parents concerned about their children’s health.

How nutritious is this product?

The Hiya vitamin is prepared with a mixture of 12 organic fruits and vegetables, is naturally sweetened, contains no sugar or other gummy fillers, and is naturally sweetened. A group of doctors and nutritionists developed it dynamically to fill in typical gaps based on current dietary recommendations. It also contains no allergens, GMOs, gluten, or anything else you can think of.

Is it necessary to give my child a vitamin every day?

To summarise, I believe the answer is yes. According to statistics, more than most children do not consume the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables. Hiya supplements common nutritional deficiencies while avoiding the potentially harmful ingredients found in sugar-coated gummy vitamins, which are unfortunately becoming popular among families as an unhealthy method of health.

As always, we recommend speaking with your child’s pediatrician before making any vitamin decisions in order to get their advice and learn more about the risks of taking supplements that are crammed full of rubbish.

Do you use preservatives in your supplements?

No. Hiya vitamins are delivered fresh, without the use of a middleman, and do not contain preservatives or other rubbish that is not suitable for growth and development. Preservatives are added to conventional vitamin products so that they can last for months on store shelves and in your medicine cabinet.

What are the ingredients in your vitamins?

They are made by combining 12 organic fruits and vegetables with 15 essential vitamins and minerals to create a nutrient-filled vitamin.

Please be patient. Does my child only need to take one vitamin per day?

Yes. Unlike conventional gummy vitamins, which contain so much junk that your child is supposed to take up to four per day, our Hiya vitamins are super-charged with full-body sustenance in only one chewable. As a result, those in charge will feel less pressure. If you have any dosage-related questions, please contact your child’s pediatrician.

What if I don’t take all of my vitamins?

We recommend replacing your old vitamins with new ones as soon as you receive a new shipment of fresh ones for maximum potency. You can be confident that your child is ingesting the most up-to-date nutrients into their developing bodies in this manner.

What ages are appropriate for using Hiya Vitamin?

The Hiya Vitamin is designed for both boys and girls beginning at the age of two. Always consult your child’s paediatrician to ensure that a vitamin is safe for them.

Is your multivitamin effective for both girls and boys?

Males and females require equal amounts of nutrition throughout childhood and into their mid-teens, according to scientists. Remember to consult your child’s pediatrician as needed.

When should I give my child vitamins?

While the Hiya vitamin can be taken with or without food, we recommend that your child take one daily vitamin with a meal, preferably breakfast or supper.

Where are the vitamins you use manufactured?

The Hiya vitamins are made in the United States with high-quality, internationally sourced ingredients that have been carefully selected for maximum absorption. The manufacturing facility follows cGMP regulations that is certified to the highest quality control, handling, and labeling standards.

How does your membership function?

As parents, we understand that worrying about our children’s vitamin intake is unnecessary. Parents already have a lot on their plates. As a result, we made it simple to begin and end all orders as part of our monthly membership, which also allows you to select your delivery date and cancel for free.

The first month includes a 30-day supply of fresh vitamins and a reusable glass bottle that can be personalized with stickers. Following that, each month you will receive a recyclable refill bag to fill your bottle with new vitamins. The monthly activity is designed to instill in your children a sense of self responsibility and good health, and is based on a pediatrician-recommended delivery schedule.

How do I make changes to my order?

If you need to make changes or cancel your order, please contact the manufacturers directly via email at support@hiyahealth.com. You can instead manage your subscription from your account by clicking the link in the welcome email you should have received after placing your first order.

Conclusion on Hiya Vitamins Reviews

Hiya, like many other children’s multivitamins, is intended to correct nutritional deficiencies. Hiya is different from the majority of children’s vitamin brands in that it is sugar and filler-free, vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, and allergen-free.

Furthermore, its chewable form is far less likely to cause tooth decay than the traditional gummy variety. If your child eats a healthy diet, he or she will not need these or any other multivitamins. While this vitamin does not contain all of the necessary nutrients for your child, it is still necessary to keep your child well-nourished.  Keep in mind that this multivitamin lacks iron, which is essential in children and sometimes insufficient. A qualified dietitian should be consulted if you want to know if your child is getting enough nutrients from food or if supplements are required.

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