NatureSpa showerhead review

NatureSpa Showerhead Review USA: Solution for Hard Water and Low Pressure?

That contaminated water is not good for drinking is a common knowledge but you know what knowledge is uncommon? That hard water is as much as bad for the skin and hair as contaminated water is to the entire body.
It is common to find people caring for the water they drink while paying less attention to the one they use to shower not realizing how much harm hard water can do to the skin.

Hard water may not look like bad water especially if it is clean but it turns out it is bad for the skin. NatureSpa is made for a new shower experience. We’ll find out in this Nature Spa review.

Hard water could contain several dissolved minerals like calcium, magnesium and any other mineral including impurities and that’s what makes it hard. In areas with poor access to natural clean water sources that are dependent on recycled water that are chemically-treated especially with chlorine which is the best water disinfectant known. The whooping amount of chlorine and chloramine dissolved in the water makes the water hard and dangerous for the skin and hair at the same time.

If you have noticed some whitish deposits clogging your plumbing pipes or your showerheads, it means the water is definitely hard which is usually the case with most tap water. Consistent and long term use of hard water which is rich in dissolved minerals like calcium or magnesium will do no better than leaving deposits that can clog your skin pores leaving you with acne and a number of other skin problems.

Chlorine and other disinfectants used in treating water are also culprits in hardening water and at the same time chlorine is known to cause dryness and skin irritation. The hard water can lead to a build-up of mineral deposits that can clog the pores through which the body releases its natural oil and there you go; black heads, white heads, dry and flaky skin, eczema and whatever skin problems you can think of.

When the skin can no longer lubricate itself it results in dryness of the skin and skin diseases. What is even more scary is the study that showed how this kind of water with traces of minerals can form free radicals that can damage the collagen of the skin and cause premature aging with sagging of the skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Well, that sounds bad but there is always a good news for every bad news.

Did you imagine something that could filter out these minerals and soften the water? if you did, you’re correct. This is definitely what NatureSpa showerhead is up to with it’s embedded filtration system. Let’s read the review to find out how it does that and whether it’s a worthwhile investment.
If you already know about the filtration system of NatureSpa you can check them out right away or stick around to learn more about the product.

What is NatureSpa showerhead?

NatureSpa showerhead

You may not have control over the type of water you can access in your area, unfortunately. If it’s hard water, it is hard water but NatureSpa says there is something you can do about this hard water and therefore it came up with an innovative showerhead that is designed with a built-in filter to remove these dissolved minerals that cause water to harden and with its alkaline ions, NatureSpa restores the PH of your water back to a natural healthy state.

Alongside filtering of mineral impurities like chlorine and calcium or magnesium salts, it brings the water back to a normal PH level that is healthy for your skin. NatureSpa uses advanced ionic water filtration technology and alkaline ion ceramic balls that are incorporated in a high quality showerhead to achieve this. Another interesting thing is how NatureSpa reduces water consumption even without affecting water pressure.

This is done by their smart water system that regulates the pressure. To put it simply, The NatureSpa is a well-built showerhead with the added special benefits of filtering out chemical deposits and maintaining a healthy water PH alongside reducing your water bills. NatureSpa is designed to ensure that the water you use on your skin is healthy and natural to keep you from the burdens of dry flaky skin.

How does NatureSpa showerhead work?

NatureSpa is pretty much a straightforward device and there is really not so much to be explained. The presence of chemicals such as chlorine which is usually used in water treatment can irritate the skin, clog up the pores and cause it to dry and flake. These chemicals could damage the hair as well and cause breakages. The alkaline filtering system used by NatureSpa removes these harmful substances thereby making the water gentler on the skin and hair.

When it removes the chlorine, chloramine and other chemicals, the strong chemical odor or taste is gone as well, giving you a pleasant experience. The filtration media eliminate the dissolved chlorine from water by converting the dissolved chlorine to a water-soluble eco-friendly chloride ion that has no adverse effects on the skin or hair while maintaining a healthy PH for the skin.

Next on what NatureSpa does is reducing water consumption and invariably water bills without sacrificing water pressure. This even sounds more exciting, and the mechanism by which NatureSpa achieves this is the SmartPressure System, guaranteeing the best shower experiences through a steady invigorating spray with adjustable spray patterns.

More so, some of the users had stated how they noticed a decrease in their water bills when they started using this showerhead. Hmm! Let’s find out more about the features.

What’s unique about NatureSpa showerhead?

NatureSpa showerhead

Reducing water usage is one but maintaining a desirable water pressure is another. However, NatureSpa seems to find a way around it by creating a system that can increase your water pressure by a very high percentage while still reducing your consumption rate. NatureSpa offers three stimulating spray settings; rain, massage and combined. The settings are made to provide maximum pleasurable shower experience for the users.

Who needs NatureSpa showerhead?

Basically, anyone whose showerhead has become very old and bad-looking can benefit from the NatureSpa because the design is sleek and fits all the requirements for a modern quality showerhead. However, the people who will especially benefit from this device and as a matter of fact the people it was made for are people who use hard water to shower and people who have low pressure showers. It’s easy to find out whether your water is hard because pretty much all the water that is difficult to lather with soap is hard.

For people who use chemically-treated water, chlorine is the major disinfectant used for water treatment in many areas with recycled contaminated water supply. Chlorine is not skin or hair-friendly. NatureSpa removes these chemicals and makes the water healthy and fit enough for your skin. Hard water may not be the cause of your skin problems but it could aggravate it and you may not realize how much harm it does to your skin and hair. Every showerhead needs a filtration system because the minerals and chemicals in hard water are not good for the skin and they need to be filtered out.

NatureSpa Showerhead review

NatureSpa showerhead pros

The NatureSpa showerhead asides offering all the desirable benefits of removing chemicals from water and providing healthy skin-friendly water, it also provides a pleasant shower experience with adjustable spray pressures. And I guess, even more exciting is the fact that it reduces water bills. Installation is also super simple with a user guide that is very simplified.

A do-it-yourself one time installation that will leave your skin and hair healthy. What NatureSpa promises are massive, no doubt , and if you could reap all these benefits from it, then it is a worthwhile investment.

NatureSpa showerhead con

Not everyone can find their way around installing it very easily.

Features of NatureSpa Showerhead

Alkaline filtration system

The NatureSPA showerhead uses an alkaline filtration system to raise the PH of the water to a level that is friendly to the skin. Chemicals in water will naturally make the water more acidic and dangerous. The alkaline water filtration softens the water by getting rid of excess minerals and chemicals that would otherwise cause skin irritations, dryness of the skin and acne.

Smart water pressure system

The NatureSpa smart water pressure system makes it possible for you to enjoy high water pressure at low water consumption rate. It’s not quite clear to me how the smart water pressure system works but this is the most exciting feature of the product for me. Even if the pressure on your shower is low, NatureSpa uses this system to create a positive pressure that will give you a pleasant shower experience.

Three spray settings

NatureSpa showerhead review

Rain, massage and combination options are there to enable the user optimize their comfort at any point in time.

Benefits of NatureSpa showerhead

Cost effective

The NatureSpa showerhead promises to reduce your water consumption because it uses a system that maintains high pressure with a reduced flow rate. Given that this is a one-time investment that could reduce your water bills in the long run, I’d say it is really cost-effective and beneficial.

Pleasant shower experience

A brand new showerhead with different spray options will by all means give a pleasant shower experience. Not only will it change the look of your bathroom, but the feel of showering.

Healthy skin and hair

Hard water rich in dissolved minerals and chemically-treated water with high amounts of chlorine and chloramine will do nothing but damage the skin or add to already existing skin problems but it’s good to know that the NatureSpa filtration system incorporated in this amazing showerhead can make a difference. Get rid of the chemicals, soften the water and leave your skin fresh and glowing.

No nasty deposits

With hard water it will only take a while before you start noticing the whitish deposits of dissolved minerals plugging up the showerhead making it look nasty like the one in the photo below. What is even more scary is how much harm it can it do to the skin if it could leave the showerhead like that.

NatureSpa showerhead review

NatureSpa review: Pricing and Where to Buy

NatureSpa has an official website where this product is sold. They currently offer some discount packages.

  • 1 NatureSpa Filtered Shower Head unit: $39.99 + $8.95 in S&H
  • 2 NatureSpa Filtered Shower Head units: $79.98 + $9.95 in S&H
  • 3 NatureSpa Filtered Shower Head units: $89.98 + $10.95 in S&H
  • 4 NatureSpa Filtered Shower Head units: $119.97 + $11.95 in S&H
  • 5 NatureSpa Filtered Shower Head units: $139.97 + $12.95 in S&H

There is also a lifetime warranty for this product if it becomes defective showing they committed to their customers’ satisfaction. For more information, customer service can be contacted via:
Phone: +1 (855) 378 9408
Address: Prestige Alliance Limited, 48 Bi-State Plaza #617, Old Tappan, NJ 07675

Customers’ Reviews

What a great deal!

This is one of the greatest values on the market today. I have low water pressure and with this purchase I now have a new, very enjoyable shower. I was amazed that for such a small investment, my problem was solved. Treat yourself to one or more of these. You will not be sorry. RAZORMAN

Exceeded my expectations

I wanted a new shower head and I picked this one it has several water activations which I like
Shelia the best part is I have migraines and this shower head works great on my neck and shoulders. E Ma USA

I liked it so much I bought one for my guest bathroom yesterday.
James Robinson

Excellent product

I really enjoyed this shower head. It feels soooo good on the skin. It makes you want to stay in the shower longer. Saves water, time and cost.

Easy to install, and feels great lot’s of water pressure on all setting

Ordered 3 of these!

GROSS! I had no idea my very own shower was producing such disgusting bacteria! After reading this, I feel like changing every single shower head in my house. It’s scary to think that this could have an effect on your health. I take really good care of my skin and I will do anything to keep it looking fresh. Definitely going to invest in this. Eve H. USA

Best showerhead I’ve ever bought!

I can’t believe this is still new to some people. I’ve been using filtered shower heads for years now and I don’t think I’d ever go back to a normal one. If shower water is that nasty, I don’t even want to think about whats in faucet water. Evan M. USA

Saved me so much money on water bills!

Bought this more for the money saving factor than the actual filter. Works great, pretty happy with the results. I like the different settings. My old shower head didn’t have that, so that’s cool. And yes, I did save on my water bill too. I would recommend this to other people looking for easy ways to cut back and save money. Mark T. USA

Installed in minutes!

Bought this because the apartment I moved into is pretty old and the water smelled kinda funky. I don’t think I had to get my water tested to know that something wasn’t right! The filter was super easy to install, and I’m pretty useless when it comes to doing things around the home. My water is definitely cleaner and fresher. They should make one for your faucet too. id be into that! Melanie K. USA

Conclusion and recommendation

The bottom line is that hard water and chlorine-laden water are as bad for the skin, hair and the environment as contaminated water is for the entire body. Chlorine is a powerful disinfectant and will always be used to decontaminate recycled water and if you live in an area that is dependent on this kind of water, it would be reasonable to consider getting a showerhead that has a filtration system.

I think asides the filtration system, something else that the users really enjoy about this product is the pressure and the great feeling with the three different spray options. If your shower pressure is low, you could really benefit very much from NatureSpa because it is set to change your showering experience.

The NatureSpa showerhead comes with these benefits and more and that is something you could really take advantage of now especially as the price is currently discounted. Also, NatureSpa has a very positive consumer rating and that is really something to consider. For all the benefits that the product offers I would say it is a worthwhile investment.

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