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New FEND Review USA: Worth the Hype?

Every second, millions of particles are released into the atmosphere and while most of these particles are allergens, others are microbes with many of them capable of causing dreadful infections and diseases to humans. The world is increasingly battling air pollution, if this needs to be said, and these millions of contaminants in the air are just waiting to see open access to a human body and they’d almost always find your nose open and whoa, they’d jump in.

Most respiratory infections are due to airborne or droplet transmission. Even the most dreaded coronavirus is transmitted through droplets. The struggle to maintain a healthy and friendly ecosystem is a continuous one and until that battle is won, we have the responsibility to continue to protect ourselves and our loved ones from diseases.

Carrying out good hygiene practices is the goal and though hand hygiene is the basic ideal, there is more we can do. Airway hygiene practices. How about this? Let’s read this FEND airway cleansing mist review to see how this product can be of any help. Shall we?

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What is FEND airway cleansing mist?

How does FEND airway cleaning mist work?

How to use the FEND airway cleansing mist

What is unique about FEND?

Benefits of FEND airway cleansing mist

Pricing and where to buy

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use FEND?

Customers’ Reviews

Conclusion and recommendation

What is FEND airway cleansing mist?

FEND is a drug-free nasal saline hygiene formulation comprised of calcium chloride and sodium chloride in distilled water that improves airway hygiene by reducing and suppressing respiratory droplets potentially containing airborne pathogens and other contaminants. One paper published in Molecular Frontiers Journal highlighted how FEND is an important new daily hygiene protocol alongside hands washing and the use of face masks.

FEND reviews

Many droplet particles are potential contaminants and painfully many of them can evade face masks and get into the airway as we breathe. Though the airway has a natural defence of clearing itself, many times these defences are overpowered by contaminated particles plugging up the airway and when the airway is not adequately moist, the mucociliary system as one of the airway defences may not function optimally. FEND airway cleansing mist helps users to clear congestion and keep the airway hydrated enough and ready for future defence.

FEND is a drug-free alternative for clearing nasal congestion and it can be used by anyone because it’s natural. The FEND airway cleansing mist works quite in a different way from regular nasal sprays and decongestants because other than altering anybody’s process like drugs do, it enhances the body’s self-defence against microbes and other invasive agents.

The body’s natural defence in the airway naturally needs a moist environment to function adequately and the FEND airway mist helps it to stay moist and therefore improves an individual’s ability to filter out particles thereby improving healthy breathing and mucosal hydration.

The FEND airway cleaning mist was co-founded by a Harvard professor and other scientists and it has since then been backed up by many peer reviews, research and clinical trials in 2020, it was awarded the best invention of the year by Time Magazine. FEND is not just a quality product but one with proven efficacy and is associated with no risks.

FEND review

How does FEND airway cleaning mist work?

Just by taking a quite deep inhalation of FEND, the mist hydrates the airway and improves your chances of exhaling pathogenic droplets in the airway keeping you safe from respiratory infections. FEND airway cleansing mist can add at least a layer of protection to your daily airway hygiene practices

Not all droplets are going to be caught by face masks and you’d have extra advantage if your airway is better prepared to filter it off. This is where the FEND airway cleanser comes in handy: keeping your airway hydrated enough to defend you. What is contained in the mist is a refined blend of hydrating salt that strengthens the upper airway’s natural ability to clean itself and when applied once the benefits lasts for at six hours.

The manufacturers claim that salt and water are essential for cleaning the airways and it agrees with one study that compared the FEND cleansing mist with an isotonic nasal spray and found out that the FEND airway cleansing mist was more effective in keeping the airway clean.

If the airway is not hydrated the mucus could harden and instead of helping to clear the airway, it could plug the airway and cause obstruction. Though some individuals are skeptical as to whether FEND airway cleansing mist is any better than the regular saline spray which in many cases are way more affordable, the scientific evidence always showed that this high tech product is more effective in clearing the airway and removing higher percentage of respiratory droplets from the airway and lasting for up to six hours.

To delve a little bit into the science about this product that makes a difference, according to the maker. The mucus lining our upper airway; from the nose and mouth to the main bronchi, contains a protein known as mucin and it has a negative charge. Calcium chloride has two positive charges it attracts and glues with this mucin and increases the visco-elasticity of the mucin thereby increasing its chances of trapping tiny droplets that would have otherwise escaped into the lungs.

Even if this scientific explanation is not so simplified, at least it makes sense to say that the mucus-ciliary system is one effective airway defence against contaminants and FEND helps to strengthen it.

How to use the FEND airway cleansing mist

To start using FEND airway cleanser, simply hold it in front of your nose and press down on the bottle and deeply and slowly inhale the mist that comes out of it. Just two deep breathes is enough for one use. You must hold FEND upright and shake a little bit until some fluids gather near the nozzle and it’s just that easy. As easy as masking up or sanitizing. So, if this product can provide another layer of protection for you, why not?

FEND reviews

What is unique about FEND airway cleansing mist?

FEND is not any make-shift product, it was perfectly researched and tested to ensure the adequacy of everything. The size of the droplets are adequately measured for the distance it is intended to cover in the airway. The new mister device itself is patented and very cool.

Benefits of FEND airway cleansing mist

Promotes comfort

FEND airway cleansing mist rejuvenates the mucosal lining of the airway and promotes comfort.
The only way the airway mucosal lining can function adequately to protect the airway is when it’s adequately moisturized and rejuvenated to work. However, some seasons of the year announce themselves with dryness of the nose. Also, the inhalation of several particles can make the nose stuffy but with FEND, the airway is not only adequately moisturized but the mucus system is well activated for defense. With this in place, droplet infections are checked.

Extra protection from allergens

Because there are millions of allergens in the air from dust to pollens to molds, the use of FEND airway cleansing mist can keep your airway more prepared to deal with these allergens by decongesting the affected part. This is very effective as studies have shown in viral, bacterial or allergic rhinitis or sinusitis.

Backed up by hard science and peer reviews

FEND airway cleansing mist is different from any other OTC nasal spray or neti pot you can lay your hands on because this product has been tested and trusted for efficacy. FEND was found to provide 99% protection from droplet infections. So many peer reviews and studies showed that FEND is more effective than an isotonic nasal spray.

High-tech and quality product

The beauty of FEND is not just in the effectiveness of the mist but also in the quality of the packaging, if that needs to be said. In 2020, FEND was awarded the best invention of the year by the Times Magazine.

Pricing and where to buy

FEND can be purchased at the official product website where quality product is guaranteed with discount packages and special offers. Due to the discount associated with buying in bulk, purchasing FEND with friends or family members may be a great idea. Here are the price break down, though you may still stumble on a special offer;
1 FEND Mist System: $29.99 USD or CAD$39.60
3 FEND Mist Systems: $69.98 USD or CAD$92.41
5 FEND Mist Systems: $104.97 USD or CAD$138.61
10 FEND Mist Systems: $174.95 USD or CAD$231.02

FEND review

Frequently Asked Questions

How different is FEND from an average nasal spray or Neti pot?

Most nasal sprays are isotonic and while they are useful in hydrating the nasal mucosa, the FEND airway cleansing mist being hypertonic does an extra job of decongestion. The mist goes straight into the airway at least up to the upper airway. While many nasal sprays are applied directly to the nose, FEND is inhaled without any contact with the bottle. Not messy.

Is FEND airway cleansing mist safe to use?

FEND is simply a mixture of salts and water. Contains no chemicals or drugs. FEND is completely safe to use by everyone.
Can this product be returned?
There is a solid 30-day money-back- guarantee attached to FEND. You should read more about their return policy on their official website

Who can use FEND?

FEND can be used by anyone since it’s completely safe. It’s not drug-based and there is no adverse effect so why not.
Who is the maker of FEND?
The groundbreaking product is co-founded by a Harvard professor, Dr David Edwards and other world-class scientists. This expert has invested a long period in his career researching airway hygiene and anything that can be done to reduce the global burden of diseases caused by airborne or droplet infections until he came up with the innovative FEND airway cleansing mist at a time the world was shaken by the deadly Coronavirus.

FEND has since then been tested for efficacy and quality. Many peer reviews and studies showed that the product is highly effective in reducing droplet infections due to the number of droplets exhaled after the mist is administered. FEND was given the invention of the year award by Times magazine in 2020. Though made in the USA, FEND has been adopted and used as an infection-control method by many countries of the world including India. The product is marketed by the company; Sensory Cloud inc. based in Boston USA.

Customers’ reviews

Individuals who purchased this product talked about their experiences and though everyone’s experience is unique, it’s all about how FEND had beat their expectations. Read some of these reviews below from real buyers as can be confirmed on Trustpilot.

Fend Hydrating mist for your airways – Amazing product

I would like to share my experience with Fend hydrating mist. I first found about about fend when researching scientific studies about ways to help protect yourself against covid. There was a kick starter for this product, checked it out and thought we would take a chance. Fend has exceeded all my expectations. I have severe seasonal alergies and would get sinus infections regularly (at least 3-4 times a year) Since using Fend regularly I have not had one sinus infection. I can breather better and my overall energy is better. I have recommended to family and friends and they have all seen the benefits and agree it is a great product. Many of my friends are musicians and some of the singers have even said that it helps them with their breathing and sustaining notes when they perform.”

Do youself a favor and check it out!

Arlene R. USA

Runner uses FEND for hydration, recovery, and performance boost

“Since I was 14 years old, I have been a competitive runner – I ran cross country collegiately and qualified and ran the Boston Marathon in 2019. I can tell you that I, like all other competitive runners I know, fixate on my recovery and hydration. You cannot handle running 50+ miles / week and intense 1 hr+ track sessions if you are not taking care of your body and focusing on the smallest details. With that mind, I was excited to add FEND as another tool in my hydration and recovery toolbox. FEND hydrates me in ways that drinking water cannot. I FEND 3x / day and after every training session to jumpstart my recovery. The difference is notable. Anyone who cares about taking care of their body and optimizing performance should give FEND a try.”

Allen M. USA

Say YES, to Nasal Hydration

I have been using FEND for several months now and my nose & throat have never been happier. In the cold winter months, I often wake up with a nose bleed but NOT this winter, thanks to FEND. I used FEND 3x/day as directed and occasionally a 4th time if I woke up in the middle of the night and found my nose to be stuffy. I believe keeping my nose hydrated prevented my seasonal nose bleeds, which I have suffered from for the last 40 years. I also love the protection it offers me when I have to go out in public. I use FEND before and after being in public and the peace of mind I get, knowing I have done something to help me breath safely, helps with my mental peace.”

Kristen M. USA

I love the new format for the mister…

I love the new format for the mister and my wife and I use them every day, as well as keep one at work. Occasionally, the mister will essentially spray a stream, rather than a mist, but it happens infrequently and is still worth the money.

Great product, very effective

We’ve been FEND customers for well over half a year and though not advertised as protecting from Covid-19, our family has been fortunate to have stayed healthy, and this is despite vacationing several times and taking several plane rides. We always make sure to use our FEND mist before we leave for the day and know we may be exposed to others and so far, so good. Highly recommended! Lynn W. USA

My whole family uses it daily

My whole family uses it daily. I love how we could take it on our trip with us, and it gave me peace of mind that it would help with our airways on the plane and while traveling. I was skeptical at first, because I knew very little about the idea of keeping your airways clean and moist throughout the day. I mean, when you first look at it, how would a little bottle that sprays a mist into the air, keep you healthy? But as I researched it more, read countless articles, this made more and more sense. Allergy medicines are saline sprays. OTs who know about snoring and mouth breathing recommend a daily “cleaning” before bed, which includes a saline cleanse. This tool enables you to take it with you and use it 3x a day to ensure a clean and moist airway, trapping allergens and all the other nasty stuff we breathe in.” Customer, USA.

Conclusion and recommendation

FEND airway cleansing mist didn’t get popular for nothing. Several researches have been carried out on the product and it was found to be highly effective and more effective than an average nasal spray or Neti pot. A lot was invested to ensure quality assurance of this product and though it may be considered pricey, it’s still worth if it can provide an additional line of defense against droplet infections. Practicing hand hygiene and donning your mask especially in the public makes sense but adding the FEND airway cleansing mist means you’re completely ready to kick contaminants right out, if they sneak in. Given there is a current slash down of the price in the official website, you might want go check now.

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