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PHOR 4 WiFi Booster Reviews 2021: Why is it trending in the United States?

I’m not sure of other events that come first in terms of frustration, to a rotating, endless cycle of slow network. It can literally drive one crazy when there are piles of work waiting on your to-do-list and the network is in no way, helping matters.  

These are stressful events everyone or at least, most people, want to get rid of, but what are the actual causes of these problems in the first place? 

Not many know of Wi-Fi dead zones or the bandwidth and range of connections of their wireless router. Yes, there are areas called dead zones—due to several obstructions, may be inaccessible to Wi-Fi. These dead zones are  probably where you spend all your day, scratching your head and complaining, incessantly of poor connections. 

There are solutions to these problems, nonetheless. WI-FI BOOSTERS. 

A Wi-Fi booster/extender can extend Wi-Fi connection to certain areas of poor connections, with endless one or two bars to a full bar and viola! You are back again fully connected. 

In this PHOR 4 WiFi Booster reviews, we are discussing a Wi-Fi booster known as PHOR 4 and it is designed just to boost your Wi-Fi connection across a wider range. Learn more about this product in this review 

What is PHOR 4 Wi-Fi booster? 

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PHOR 4 WiFi Booster Reviews

PHOR 4 Wi-Fi extender connects with your router wirelessly to help extend your internet signal into rooms that are Wi-Fi dead zones due to walls, furniture obstructions or general spacing. It’s a separate device with two poles that can be placed  between your wireless router and the areas where you want stronger Wi-Fi coverage.

PHOR 4 is a budget-friendly option for anyone who is looking to increase the range of Wi-Fi connections in the home. Those areas that are usually displaying one or two bars can begin to have five bars or equal bars with other areas of the house close to the router, simply because you have placed a PHOR 4 Wi-Fi extender as a mediator. You can enjoy your internet connection just the way you want it. 

How does the PH0R 4 Wi-Fi extender work? 

Once a connection is established between your internet-connected device and router, the Wi-Fi extender grabs the existing signal and then re-broadcasts it on a different channel from its position, acting as a middle-man to relay the connection. This will give you a wider range of wireless signals throughout your entire household. Picture a person standing in the middle of two poles with two arms stretched to the both poles, one of the hands collecting and the other giving. One of those poles is your router and the other, your device trying to connect to Wi-Fi. It literally takes from the router and extends to you. That is the simplest way I can explain the working principle of Wi-Fi extender/booster. This is what PHOR 4 Wi-Fi booster is advertised to do. 

However, it may be pretty challenging for many to determine the best location for the Wi-Fi extender. It is recommended that it needs to be close enough to your router, so that it can grab the signal, but far away enough that it can re-broadcast that signal to the room or area where you need stronger home Wi-Fi. It may take bit of trial and error to figure this out, but once it’s figured out, you’re good to go. 

Pros of PHOR 4 Wi-Fi Booster 

  • Better Wi-Fi coverage 
  • Better connections for multiple devices 
  • Elimination of dead signal zones. 
  • No buffering while streaming 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Multi-directional scanning. 
  • It works evenly in extreme climatic conditions. 
  • PHOR 4 Wi-Fi booster is ideal for mobile and desktop connectivity. 
  • You can achieve a lightning-fast speed of 300 Mbps on 2.4 GHz bandwidth. 
  • Push-button WPS for quick connections and protection 
  • Nice user interface 
  • Low power demand. 
  • Adjustable antenna 
  • Modern design. 
  • Very compact and portable. 
  • Ideal for office and home-based work networks. 
  • Arrives with a 30 Day money-back guarantee. 

Cons of PH0R 4 Wi-Fi booster 

The frequency is relatively slower compared to what a 5GHz extender may offer. Nonetheless, the 2.4GHz frequency it offers, with the other features it has, it’s more or less, perfect for the prize. 

Specifications of PHOR 4 Wi-Fi booster/extender 

  • Twin antennas 
  • Supports Wi-Fi up to 300 Mbps 
  • Supports WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK encryption 
  • LAN and WAN/LAN ports 
  • WPS button 
  • LED signal strength indicator 
  • Power and Mode functions 
  • Setup Wizard. 
  • Easy Plug and Play setup 
  • The Compact design makes it barely noticeable and out of sight. 
PHOR 4 WiFi Booster Review.jpeg
PHOR 4 WiFi Booster Reviews

Benefits of PHOR 4 Wi-Fi booster 

Here are the benefits the makers of PHOR 4 promises you will get from the device: 

Extend Wireless Internet Coverage 

 PH0R 4 being a Wi-Fi extender will boost your wireless internet coverage to contain a wider range and to reach dead zones, nonetheless, it will not increase the speed of transmission. It is more like a middle man that will take Wi-Fi connection from your router and extend it to other areas previously not  within reach of the router and to areas called dead zones due to high obstructions. And what next?PH0R 4 works with any router. 

No More Lag, Dropouts, or Disconnections 

 If you’re in the area of the house not within reach of Wi-Fi connection then  PH0R 4 will definitely save you from lots of lags and dreaded disconnections. It is important to know what to expect from PHOR 4. As a Wi-Fi extender, it does extend the range of connection but does not improve your wireless internet speed or quality. The speed and quality will be the same with that of the router or probably reduced when the distance is highly increased as the booster is only able to guarantee a 2.4GHz frequency. However, PH0R 4 could turn a 1-bar area of your home into a 5-bar area, which means you get to enjoy almost or the same internet you enjoy in the rest of your home. 

Extend Range 

There are times you are willing to change positions while working, like sitting somewhere at the garage to receive some cool breeze while you go through some mails. It becomes a real hassle when such areas are not within reach of your home router and therefore, zero connection. A PHOR 4 Wi-Fi extender could be a desirable mediator at such times. It will extend your connection to that point and anywhere else you desire so that you can enjoy Wi-Fi connection from any part of your home.   

Ideal for Mobile Devices 

 PH0R 4  is compatible with just about any devices and router. So, it can extend wireless internet to any device in your home. You can take your mobile devices or computers to any part of the home where Wi-Fi connection is extended to and work or have fun like no other.  

Get Internet in Hard-to-Reach Areas 

 Certain areas of your home may be dead zones. PH0R 4 can help. The PH0R 4 extender works well in larger homes where there are areas your internet service provider (ISP) router does not reach, but with a dual adjustable antenna, your  Wi-Fi coverage is extended. 

Supports Speeds Up to 300Mbps 

 PH0R 4 will not speed up your internet or make your internet faster. However, the wireless extender supports speeds up to 300mbps. If you already have a 300Mbps internet connection, then PH0R 4 will support speeds up to 300Mbps. 

2.4GHz Support 

The best wireless internet extenders support the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. However, as a budget option, PH0R 4 only supports the 2.4GHz band. This is nonetheless, a good option for a budget and you can still enjoy a wider range connection though speed may be limited compared to that of 5GHz.  

Why PHOR 4 Wi-Fi booster/extender? 

There are countless Wi-Fi boosters in the market with different capacities offered at various prices but a less priced option known as PHOR 4 Wi-Fi booster can amplify your Wi-Fi signal by extending it to all corners of your home or premises. This extension, by implication guarantees connection in the Wi-Fi dead zones of the home and a faster connection in the previously slow areas of the house. If you’re looking out for a Wi-Fi booster that is within your budget and can increase your range of connection, then PHOR 4 may just be what you’re looking for.   

PHOR 4 comes with three modes: Router mode that provides all benefits of the original router including managing networks, parental controls or using a VPN; Access Point mode that allows an unlimited number of devices to be connected to it without compromising on bandwidth and finally the Repeater mode that amplifies the signal of the main router for dead zone areas like garages, basements and backyards. 

The fascinating thing about PHOR 4 is that it’s smart and designed for easy set up and user friendly interface. No rigorous set up that requires you to be tech-savvy. All it takes to use is to discover the perfect area of the house you want it to be, and plug to a wall socket. You can then say good bye to slow network or no-network frustration in certain areas of the house as you can connect from your favorite location and enjoy your home Wi-Fi just the way you want it.  

Who needs a Wi-Fi booster/extender? 

You will notice that you may need a Wi-Fi extender in your home or office if you experience any of the following situations; 

Wi-Fi dead spots in your home 

If there are areas in your home where Wi-Fi connection doesn’t  reach, those areas are known as Wi-Fi dead zones—they can be made alive again though, through an extender.  

Are there dead spots in your house where your Wi-Fi doesn’t reach? For example, maybe your Wi-Fi signal is excellent in the room where your router is, but in your home office upstairs, it’s much weaker, or in your TV room on the other side of the house it’s too slow to stream video without lags? 

  Wi-Fi access outside your home 

If you need Wi-Fi access outside of your building or specific areas and your router can’t do you so much favor, then you may consider getting an extender. 

Do you want Wi-Fi access, or better signal strength, outside your house, such as in your back yard or on your deck? 

Poor Wi-Fi coverage in a large house 

If your house is just too large for the existing routers in your home to serve adequately, then you may consider getting an extender/booster instead of investing in more routers.  

Do you have a very large house, either with a sprawling single level, or with multiple floors and you need to extend your range of connection? 

Wi-Fi slower than wired connection 

If your wired internet speed beats your Wi-Fi speed then it should be a problem with range or bandwidth. You may need an extender 

Is your wired internet speed pretty fast when you test it, but your Wi-Fi connection is slower?  

Benefits of a Wi-Fi booster like PHOR 4 

  • Better coverage for larger homes where Wi-Fi currently does not reach the entire building 
  • Better video streaming or gaming over Wi-Fi 
  • The convenience of being able to move the extender from room to room to support Wi-Fi needs 
  • You also gain an additional Ethernet connection at the location of the Access Point (so you can connect devices directly to the internet line without being right next to the router) 
  • Better Wi-Fi signal in areas that suffer from a structural interference 
  • Better coverage for larger homes where Wi-Fi currently does not reach the entire building 
  • Better video streaming or gaming over Wi-Fi 
  • The convenience of being able to move the extender from room to room to support Wi-Fi needs 
PHOR 4 WiFi Booster reviews.jpeg

Price of PHOR 4 Wi-Fi Booster 

One 1x PHOR Wi-Fi Booster (Boost Your Range) Only $49.95 

Two 2x PHOR Wi-Fi Booster (Double Your Range) Only $99.00 

Three 3x PHOR Wi-Fi Booster (Family Connection Pack) *Most Popular* Only $112.39 

Four 4x PHOR Wi-Fi Booster (Full House Coverage) Only $149.99 

Where to buy PHOR 4 Wi-Fi booster 

The product can be purchased from the official website. There are varieties of buying options to choose from, including the price offers attached to each package. You can also choose your favorite payment option and as well, read and understand their return policy to enable you make a smooth return on the off chance, you don’t find the product very useful. 

PHOR 4 WiFi Booster Customers’ Reviews 

Tammy S. Victoria, BC:  

I have needed something that would make my Wi-Fi connection extend into my bedroom, which was never more than 25 feet from my modem. However, for some reason, I am sure because of the layout of my home and the barriers between the rooms, I was never able to actually receive a nice strong connection in my bedroom, PHOR 4 Wi-Fi solved my problems instantly. No more disconnections or speed drops. I love it. 

Robert G. Newark, NJ:  

I have tried a big name range extender before and it simply could not reach my backyard and was way too expensive. I gave PHOR 4 Wi-Fi a shot and now I can browse the web in my backyard. No problem. Thanks a lot. 

Andrea P. Dallas, TX:  

I absolutely love this range extender. Shipping was fast and the product felt like it was made of quality materials. After the easy set up, I could noticeable see the difference. All my devices were running much smoother on my Wi-Fi wherever I went in my house. 

Jamie C. Des Moines, IA: 

 I love going to the back yard and enjoying the nice evening weather here, but the Wi-Fi here is so weak that it is always cutting out. I got a PHOR 4 and now it never cuts out and I can enjoy my favorite shows by the pool or under my shade tree. 

David D. St. Paul, MN: 

 The basement where my kids hang out was a total dead zone. They begged for months for me to upgrade the internet but it seemed like a waste of money every month. But with PHOR 4, I only paid once and the Wi-Fi has never been more reliable. 

Alisha I. Fayetteville, NC:  

I am really bad with tech but I wanted to have better internet upstairs. I was so surprised but it took just minutes to set up and the Wi-Fi was fast and strong. Thinking of getting one for my sister’s house as a gift because their Wi-Fi is terrible hahaha. 

Michelle S. Bar Harbor, ME:  

This is the best range extender so far. We were having trouble streaming on our downstairs TV with slow speeds. Now it works with this small extender perfectly. So I am very happy with this purchase 

Contact the PHOR 4 Team 

Company Name: Wi-Fi Booster Limited 

Company Address: 325 Washington St. Ste 2 #3021, San Diego, CA. 92103 1946 

By Email: 

By Phone: the United States and Canada (Toll-Free): 844 847 3399 

Frequently Asked Questions  (PHOR 4 WiFi Booster reviews)

Is there a money back guarantee for this product? 

Yes, the manufacturers promises a 30-day money back guarantee to unsatisfied customers. Nonetheless, to understand fully there return policy, it us recommended you visit their return policy page to be more clear on how returns work. 

What does the Wi-Fi booster/extender do? 

Once the Wi-Fi extender is connected to the router, it will broadcast its own wireless signal through its external antennas, acting like a wireless access point (WAP) allowing laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and game consoles to connect to it. 

Since the extender is broadcasting its own signal, it’s almost like having another wireless router in your home. Therefore, the extender will have its own Wi-Fi network name (SSID). 

How Many Wi-Fi Extenders Can You Have in Your House? 

It certainly depends on your needs, if you intend to cover a wider range of wireless connection, then you can opt in for more extenders. 

However, it’s important to note the following;  

  • Every Wi-Fi extender will need to be connected and in range of a Wi-Fi router to access the internet. 
  • Do not connect one Wi-Fi extender to another, as it will cause one of the extenders to stop working. 
  • Each extender needs to have a different Wi-Fi network name from each other to prevent them from connecting to one another. 

How Will I Connect My Devices to the Wi-Fi Extender? 

A Wi-Fi extender connected to a router is like having two routers to create a larger Wi-Fi coverage area. 

When connecting your mobile device to your router, you have to do this via accessing the settings on your phone. You choose the network name that corresponds to your router and enter a password to access the internet 

To connect your wireless device to your Wi-Fi extender, you will have to go through the same steps.  

By default, the network name for the Wi-Fi extender will be the same as your routers’ name, but with EXT (short for extender) added at the end. 

For example: 

Router Name: Home Wi-Fi 

Extender Name: Home Wi-Fi EXT 

Remember, if you have multiple extenders you will need to change the default names. 

Will My Wireless Devices Switch Automatically Between Networks? 

It depends. 

If you are 100% out of your router’s range, your wireless device will automatically switch to the extender’s network. 

However, there will be some areas where your wireless device will be able to detect both your original Wi-Fi networks and the Wi-Fi extenders network. When this happens, you will have to disconnect and then reconnect from the original network to the extended network and vice versa. 

Conclusion  (PHOR 4 WiFi Booster Reviews)

PHOR 4 Wi-Fi booster is a smartly designed product currently making waves in the market. It is designed to improve your internet connection experience in your homes or offices by offering an extension of the router-provided Wi-Fi to reach areas that are described as Wi-Fi dead zones and to improve connection in slow areas. It is reasonably within budget and can go a long way in solving the most frequently encountered Wi-Fi connection challenges. It certainly appears like nothing less of a worthy investment. 

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