Snow Magical Teeth Whitening Strips Review: Wait and Read This

Make no mistakes, smile gives a significant impression and don’t let anyone lie to you, brown teeth are not appealing to behold. It matters that your smile is sparky and I don’t see that happening if your teeth are not sparkling as white as snow but while we wish for a sparkling set of teeth, how about the espresso and the foods that are like; “ooh! we’ll just have to see about that.”?

It’s not a question of having natural white teeth or not, because there are a number of factors that can cause teeth discoloration, ranging from the food we consume to the wine and coffee we can’t take our eyes off of, to the medication we need to take, to the things we don’t really have control of like aging and what have you. What is really important is that we all agree that having a sparkling set of teeth is the secret of a super confident and attractive smile.

That is basically why people spend a lot of bucks visiting their dentists every now and again, but having a bright set of teeth is not for only those who have thousands of bucks to spend at the dentists all the time and most importantly no one should be really spending that much when there is an effective alternative.

While there are numerous home remedy teeth-whiteners, there is a big challenge in identifying which is effective and which is safe to use. Many people already have sensitive teeth and nobody wants to get their teeth damaged in the name of whitening because, we have to admit it, not all products are worth your money which is why we have taken the time to review the Snow teeth whitening strips to help you make an informed decision.

Snow strips review

What are Snow teeth whitening strips?

Snow is one of the top-rated teeth whitening brand with several teeth whitening products that have changed the face of at-home teeth whitening. Their several teeth whitening products are all on fire.

Snow’s most eye-catching product appears to be their complete LED-activated Snow whitening kit that contains 1 mouthpiece with LED technology, 3 standard silver whitening wands with advanced whitening serum, 1 extra-strength gold whitening serum wand, 75 treatments in one kit at $1.60/treatment and while this might be their most eye-catching product, Snow also produces sensitivity serums, toothpaste additives and recently, their outstanding magic strips that customers can’t keep calm about either.

The Snow whitening magic strips are designed for skeptics because you only need to use them to change your mind. The Snow magic strips are transparent and barely visible strips that dissolve in just 15 minutes while stripping away the stains with ease, not to mention it tastes like Lavender mint.

So many people are having a hard time deciding among the Snow teeth whitening products; the magic strips or the general Snow teeth whitening kit and which is the best remedy. You need not worry because all the Snow teeth whitening products are magical and which one to choose should depend on your treatment plan and your budget.

Snow is a trusted teeth whitening brand with 5-star consumer reviews and recommendations for all their range of whitening products. While many people do not settle with the idea of whitening strips because of how messy some products can be and how terribly some others taste, despite not delivering the most effective whitening, Snow decided that as a high-quality teeth-whitening brand, she could solve these problems and offer a reliable option for people who aren’t ready to go with the full LED-activated whitening kit yet.

The snow whitening strips are thinner than other whitening strips and are easy to put on. While most strips need to last from at least 15 to 30 minutes before removal, the Snow strips dissolve in just 15 minutes and are completely mess-free.

How to use the Snow whitening strips

Snow strips review
  • Use one strip on your upper teeth and the other on your lower teeth
  • Remove the strips from the packet and apply firmly on your front teeth while wrapping any excess around the back of your teeth
  • It will take 15 minutes for the strips to dissolve and you shouldn’t eat or drink with the strips on.
  • After they are dissolved, rinse your mouth and avoid consuming anything for the next thirty minutes.
  • Use once or twice daily for 14 days

Snow teeth whitening strips ingredients

The ingredients in the Snow whitening strips include the very popular hydrogen peroxide (active ingredient) pectin, PVP, glycerin, water, peppermint flavor, pentasodium triphosphate, sodium hexametaphosphate, polysorbate 80, natural Lavender scent, sucralose, limonene, linalool. They are all gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

What makes Snow whitening strips unique?

Snow whitening strips is on a whole different level ahead of other whitening strips in the market and the gap lies in how the Snow strips are effective in a shorter duration—about half the time it’d take other strips to function, how it is not messy unlike many strips that will leave gooey mess.

The fresh mint and lavender taste is desirable and what’s more is that they use a patented p3 technology for a more effective outcome. While many whitening strips can cause teeth sensitivity, the Snow whitening strips are not just good for people with sensitive teeth but Snow, additionally has a sensitivity serum that users find very helpful.

Quality features of Snow whitening magic strips

Snow strips review
  • Patented P3 Technology that whitens more effectively than other dissolvable whitening strips
  • Noticeable whitening after just 3 uses
  • Quickly and completely dissolves with no residue
  • Whitens up to 7 shades after just 14 uses
  • Safe for enamel and does not cause tooth or gum sensitivity
  • Antibacterial ingredients freshen breath
  • Includes 28 strips per pack
  • Free delivery for those in the USA
  • Full money-back guarantee

Pros of Snow whitening magic strips

  • Great value for money
  • Suitable for all tooth types
  • Can achieve professional-grade results in a very short period
  • High effectiveness
  • No discomfort, even to the most sensitive types of teeth
  • Effective even for the most persistent stains or discolouration
  • Saves a lot of time and energy you would otherwise spend on professional treatments
  • Money-back guarantee in case you are not completely satisfied with the result
  • Very easy and hassle-free to use
  • The product warranty is valid for five years
  • Easy to follow instructions and online support
  • Safe for sensitive teeth


  • Many consider the Snow whitening kit more incredible than the strips
  • The Snow whitening strips may not give you first-grade whiteness if not used alongside a more powerful regimen like the LED-activated kit.

Benefits of Snow whitening magic strips

Dissolves after fifteen minutes

While several whitening strips in the market need to be peeled after thirty minutes, the Snow magic strips need not be peeled off since it melts out on its own and leaves zero mess behind. you only need to rinse your mouth afterwards.

premium whitening in short duration

Snow made a name in the teeth whitening industry because their products are not mediocre and the magic strips are no exception. They deliver hundred percent on their promise, no wonder they made millions of customers in few years.

Quality assurance

All Snow products are made in FDA-approved facilities in the US. Their products are not mere imitation of market trends, instead they are well researched to deliver maximum utility to the consumers. Effective mess-free whitening.


All the quality features of Snow whitening strips are pros and exciting but what most people really want to know is; does this product work? The simple answer is yes and you’d start to see changes a couple of days after using this product and you can either use it once daily for two weeks or twice daily for one week. It all boils down to your preferences. So, for effectiveness I’d give it 4 stars. Though their LED whitening kit is more powerful for dazzling up the teeth, the strips are also quite intuitive for maintaining a white set of teeth.

Safe and quality ingredients

Now that you already know the product works, the next thing you want to know is whether the product is safe to use. The idea of the strips dissolving may be exciting but how safe are they? It is an important question. All their ingredients are vegan-friendly and gluten-free. For home teeth whitening, 6.5% of hydrogen peroxide is considered safe.


The fact that the Snow whitening strips dissolve is a huge pro. Removing strips can get so messy that you may need to do it over a sink but that’s never the case with snow magic strips. They are also more convenient than the kit that requires tray and gel.

Pricing and where to buy

The Snow whitening strips can be purchased from the official website at $49 for a one-time purchase and just $39.20 if you opt for a monthly subscription. Each pack comes with 28 strips (14 for top teeth and 14 for bottom teeth), which is what you need for the recommended two weeks of treatment. However, you may find some amazing offers and discounts currently on the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do these whitening magic strips cause sensitivity?

The Snow magic strips are formulated in such a way that they shouldn’t cause sensitivity. The adhesives are sticky enough so as not to cause the strips to peel off from the teeth and attach to the gums where they can cause sensitivity. They stay intact just on the teeth until they are dissolved. Most users didn’t feel any sensitivity using the strips.

Do the Snow magic strips have a terrible taste?

Something else about these magic strips that the users are super impressed with alongside the convenience of using it is the lavender mint taste and how well it hides the hydrogen peroxide taste even after they are dissolved.

Is there something I can do to maintain the color of my teeth after whitening?

The following could help: drinking all liquids except plain water with straw, rinsing your mouth after eating, brushing twice daily and using the Snow whitening toothpaste.

What time of the day is best for using these strips?

There is no specific time of the day that the strips work better. Nothing should be taken within 30 minutes of using the strips. Figure out the time that works for you to follow the recommendation.

Any guarantee?

There is a solid 5-year warranty on all Snow products. Full replacement and no questions asked. Snow is really confident about their products.

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Customers’ Reviews


I absolutely loveeee Snow that have to be the number one teeth whitening brand out there not only does every single one of their products do the job but you see results IMMEDIATELY!! I also I had an issue with my order it didn’t arrive, so they sent another package and when that arrived one of the toothbrushes gave a little trouble and they just sent another one also. Problem solved so easily both times! You guys are the best and have a forever customer

Amazing product, amazing customer service

Snow’s product is amazing, works better than anything I’ve tried, and with zero sensitivity!
But, it’s their customer service that brings me to leave this 5 star review. They stand behind their product with an incredible warranty and even better customer service. Good job, Snow!

I had seen a lot of great feedback on…

I had seen a lot of great feedback on the teeth whitening system so I thought I would give it a try. I purchased this and as a bogo deal for Mother’s Day, also received the toothbrush. I just received the products yesterday and have only tried them once. My teeth felt significantly cleaner after using the toothbrush. I have not had the opportunity to use the whitening system long enough to tell a difference but looking forward to leaving another review after the recommended 21 days! So far no sensitivity on my teeth that tend to be sensitive.

Snow delivers!

I tried the original whitening kit with a lot of hesitation, my teeth are very sensitive, and I was worried that lightening them would be painful on a couple of slightly exposed roots I have (from brushing too hard years ago). I drink a lot of tea and coffee, and my teeth had a lot of stains.

To my delight, the extra strength whitening gel I tried didn’t give me any sensitivity at all, I even put it directly onto to exposed root at the gum line, as there are some tough stains there due to it being more porous. After my first 7 uses, my teeth went from a 6 to a 4 on the color chart included in the kit. I’m very impressed! I’m excited to see what my teeth will look like after a month of use. Great product, highly recommend!

Snow whitening system is the bomb….!

I am impressed with the Snow whitening system! After about 2 weeks of use my teeth are 2 shades lighter than my starting point according to the “white scale” gauge that Snow includes with their packaging. I had an issue with the mouthpiece and the Snow support team immediately answered my email. Great customer service and great products!

Quite simply Snow IS AMAZING

Quite simply Snow IS AMAZING! I smoked for over 30 years and my teeth were yellow, and I’m not just talking surface yellow, I’m talking to the core yellow. I have tried just about every product out there in an effort to get white teeth again, but to no avail…. Until now!
I used the wand to remove the years of yellow, this started working on the first application but it wasn’t until the third that I really noticed the whiteness. It’s easy to use, no sensitivity and it WORKS!

The strips are pretty amazing too. Put them on, 15 minutes later they have done their job and dissolved. As easy as that. Again no sensitivity.
And not forgetting the toothpaste! I use this twice daily just to keep any future stains at bay.

All in all I highly recommend Snow. It’s affordable, they even have great deals, they have a reward plan, great customer service (these people really do care about their customers and products) and their shipping is fast too.
Give it a go, you will NOT be disappointed and you’ll be flashing those pearly whites at everyone just like I am

Snow Goes Above and Beyond

In my experience, this is a company that expresses care and consideration for its customers…and then really follows up with action. I have purchased numerous products, obviously pleased with the results. Their products perform as advertised and reviewed and their follow up customer care is genuine without hounding you. In a follow-up customer satisfaction text, I casually asked a question about a sticky button on a product, and the next thing I know, Customer Service is shipping out a replacement. Now how cool is that?

Conclusion and recommendation

Teeth whitening is one cosmetic procedure that people quickly subscribe to but it comes at a cost, if you don’t get the right product(s) for you. The money, pain, discomfort and damage to the enamel or gum. Snow has been in this business since 2017 and has since then come up with astonishing products with positive results as can be confirmed from their customers’ reviews.

Snow products are known to not cause sensitivity and those who already have sensitive teeth can benefit from their sensitivity serum. Their magic strips are also very unique and if you have decided to settle for the magic strips, there is no better place to look. Snow offers an effective, convenient and reliable option. There is an option of paying in installment . What’s more? If you’re in the USA the product will be delivered to you free of charge. There is no better time for acquiring Snow. Check them out

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