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Spinaltrax Reviews 2022: Why This Pain Relief Tool Is Trending In The USA?

Spinaltrax Reviews

Pain in the lower back is felt from the bottom of the ribs to the top of the legs. Any of the several components that make up your back could be the source. They consist of the following: bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, nerves, and tendons.

Back support comes from your spine. It is composed of 24 different vertebrae; individual bones piled on top of one another. Your lumbar spine is the part of your spine that is located below. Your sacrum and coccyx, located at the base of your spine beneath the vertebrae, are these bones. Lumbosacral discomfort is another name for lower back pain.

Your spine can bend because of the cartilage discs that are located between each vertebra. These discs serve as shock absorbers. These discs are the source of some lower back pain. As it passes through the vertebrae, the spinal cord transmits nerve messages from your brain to the rest of your body. Sciatica can result from the compression or inflammation of nerves at the base of your spine. A type of discomfort called sciatica begins in the back or buttocks and travels down the leg.

Back pain can also develop from other conditions, such as poor posture, pinched nerves, hip discomfort, traumatically slipped discs, tingling in the hands and feet, and pinched nerves. The weariness, numbness, tingling, cramping, and burning are frequently too much to bear. Even though back pain is a common problem, especially among older people, there are frequently pricey, intrusive, or ineffective prescription medicines available. Thankfully, there are alternative ways to help you feel better.

This Spinaltrax Reviews will go into detail about Spinaltrax, a back pain relief device, covering what it does, how it does it, how to use it, as well as its features, benefits, and drawbacks, as well as customer feedback. We will also discuss several methods you could use to relieve back pain.

Methods that can help relieve back pain

There are a few things you may do to get back on track and enjoy your days free from pain.

First, try to reduce your stress.

In general, stress is terrible for your health, but it’s particularly harmful to your back. It affects your respiration and could cause tension and additional stress. In addition, it causes inflammation, which can make back pain worse. Finding a healthy way to unwind can help to stop this strain from making your discomfort worse. By practicing stress management techniques like yoga, journaling, and meditation, you can protect your back.

Each night, get adequate sleep.

The ideal sleeping posture is on your back, but if you feel more comfortable on your side, change positions periodically during the night. Your cushion should be positioned beneath your neck and head, not beneath your shoulders. In order to give your back time to relax and recover, aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night.

Learn the correct back stretches.

There are many back-pain exercises you may do to strengthen the muscles that support your spine. These can improve your movement and reduce your pain. Heat is also beneficial since it can have a relaxing impact that aids in the relaxation of the muscles.

There is something better, though, that will allow you to combine heat with those gentle stretching yoga-like movements. It is completely safe to use, and all it takes is 10 minutes a day to naturally relieve back pain.

Consider Using a Superb FDA-Approved Back Pain Relief Device

Due to the requirement for numerous appointments, physical therapy for lower back pain can be expensive. With the SpinalTrax, you can securely, affordably, and naturally care for your lumbar spine in the convenience of your own home.

Lower back pain can be effectively treated with lumbar treatment using this FDA-approved cervical traction device. Despite the fact that there are alternative products, none of them have the same level of medical backing as SpinalTraxTM. It boasts a distinctly curved shape, traction therapy, and four treatments that have been clinically proven to alleviate back pain and improve mobility while safely and effectively restoring your lumbar spine to its original physiological curvature.

What is The Spinaltrax?

Any kind of lower back discomfort can be treated with the Spinaltrax Lumbar Traction device. If you’ve been dealing with lower back discomfort, using the device will allow you to get some relief without the need of any anesthetics or painkillers. It acts as a less expensive substitute for the expensive manual therapy offered by certified physiotherapists. It suggests that you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home to receive effective treatment for lower back pain.

Lower back discomfort is a concern for many Americans. Although it can affect younger people as well, this medical condition frequently affects the elderly. Most people miss days, if not weeks, of work and school because of pain.

Even when a spinal misalignment is the cause of lower back pain, which is a common issue, painkillers don’t always work. The Spinaltrax addresses the problem at its root by supporting the lower back to restore the proper spinal curvature and relieve pressure on the spine, especially the lumbar region. When using the Spinaltrax, there will be no need to plan a physiotherapy appointment because of how uniquely this gadget functions. It makes use of spinal traction therapy and decompression therapy to ease spinal stress.

The Spinaltrax has a standout feature that attracted the attention of so many users: it is easy to use. You can just turn on this device by yourself to receive the most effective lumbar tension relief. It’s noteworthy that the Spinaltrax has an ergonomic construction; regardless of size, it has a shape that fits the body.

A portable, light-weight gadget called Spinaltrax is made to offer the optimum support for the lower back. Due to its combination of electrode massage pads, programmable heat settings, low-frequency pulse electrotherapy, IR phototherapy, and Advanced dynamic intelligence, the Spinaltrax is marketed as the best way to treat lower back pain.

Spinaltrax has helped a lot of people, and I have high hopes that it will help you overcome your chronic back pain as well. You have no reason to hesitate to buy this item because it is also being sold for a fair price. Learn more about the Spinaltrax by reading on.

What problems can SpinalTrax resolve?

You can rapidly ease back pain while gaining more flexibility and mobility by using this equipment. SpinalTrax also promotes spinal alignment, improves posture, and hastens tissue recovery. For the required back pain treatment, you simply need to use it frequently for a total of ten minutes per session.

Spinaltrax Reviews: Benefits 

  • There is reduced lower back soreness
  • Reduces pressure on the lumbar spine
  • Restores the natural curve of the spine
  • Capable of preventing sciatica
  • Bone fractures are consolidated and kept stable.
  • Lessens discomfort brought by the fracture before surgery
  • Reclaim your neck’s entire range of motion.
  • More time can now be spent with friends and family.

Technical Details

  • Brand name: Spinaltrax
  • Product Size: 15.7 by 8 inches (L x W) / 48 by 26 cm Product Weight: 2.6 lbs. or 1180 g
  • 1.5M Cable Length for Adapter
  • 45°C to 65°C is the temperature range for heating
  • The materials are ABS and Polycarbonate/Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (PC-ABS).
  • 7 AC/DC adapters for power 3000RPM/Min Vibrating Speed, 12V, 100-240V

Spinaltrax Reviews: Features

A revolutionary medical device called Spinaltrax is used to treat spinal misalignment and lower back discomfort. Due to its characteristics, Spinaltrax differs from its competitors. These distinctive characteristics consist, among others:

  • Versatile: Spinaltrax offers three (3) heat levels and uses heat therapy to maximize its effects. For greater personalization, the user can select from three distinct heat settings. Spinaltrax heat therapy promotes blood circulation in the lower back, relieves joint stiffness, and calms muscle spasms. Reducing sciatica pain, increasing muscle range of motion, and improving blood flow are all goals of reduced frequency pulse electrotherapy.
  • Flexible massage pads: The Spinaltrax is equipped with electro- massage pads (EMS technology) that vibrate at a frequency of 3000 RPM to massage and release pressure from the lower back. An intriguing characteristic of these pads is that they can be used on any part of the body, not only the lower back. The Spinaltrax provides immediate stimulation to ease tension in the shoulders, arms, and legs.
  • Infrared therapy: Extremely efficient infrared therapy used by Spinaltrax aims to encourage tissue regeneration and healing. Disc degenerative stain is lessened by Spinaltrax’s enhanced dynamic intelligence and intelligent dynamic traction. Additionally, it promotes disc recovery.

Why choose Spinaltrax?

Spinaltrax is the best lower back support product on the market. If you’re wondering why there’s such a fuss, here’s why.

  • Simple to use – Spinaltrax is designed to be an at-home treatment for lower back pain and related issues. It functions flawlessly. You don’t need to employ a physiotherapist’s services in order to use this equipment.
  • Materials of the highest quality:  ABS and PC were used during the construction of Spinaltrax to provide the device with great weight support. The Spinaltrax can actually support weights of up to 45 lbs. These elements are combined into a single device called the Spinaltrax, which provides enough lumbar traction to relieve lower back pain.
  • Created for everyone: Every customer, regardless of body size, will receive the maximum level of support thanks to Spinaltrax’s ergonomic design. The device’s geometry, which shows a convex shape molded to the curves of the body, makes this clear.
  • Remote control: You may rapidly change the vibration frequency or heat intensity with the remote controller provided with Spinaltrax. The use of this equipment hasn’t been made any easier.
  • Don’t forget to pack Spinaltrax when you are camping, traveling, or visiting. It just weighs a few ounces, making it portable and lightweight.
  • Support from the base: The Spinaltrax’s stable base is another unique element that improves the ergonomic design of the gadget. To ensure that it can lap precisely on any flat surface, its base is intended to be level and stable.

Spinaltrax Reviews: How it works

Dynamic spinal traction therapy, or SpinalTrax, decompresses the spine to reestablish its normal lumbar curvature. Dual air traction helps the back muscles relax and become less tense while extending their range of motion. This device does all the work for you, making it efficient and secure. It also possesses EMS capabilities, which are most effective when used on the skin. With additional electrode massage pads, you can treat multiple tense areas at once. Three temperature settings are also available for reducing joint stiffness and spasms.

Additionally, SpinalTrax’s Intelligent infrared phototherapy aids in the start of deep tissue regeneration by utilizing cellular repair and regeneration to provide quicker, more effective pain relief. Low-frequency pulse electrotherapy is used to target the cervical spine in order to enhance blood flow, range of motion, and speed up healing.

Spinaltrax Reviews: Application instructions

It’s easy to utilize the Spinaltrax as a home treatment. There are only 3–4 simple steps required to do this.

  • Step one: Place the Spinaltrax in a level area after you’ve located one.
  • Step two:The cable should then be connected to the wall outlet or power outlet in step two.
  • Step three: The Spinaltrax has an EMS portion. Back up against it.
  • Step four: The remote can then be used to start Spinaltrax.

Note: There are a few considerations to make before utilizing this device:

  • Since many antispasmodic medications have anticholinergic effects and have the potential to make you sleepy, it is recommended to avoid taking them too quickly.
  • Refrain from using lumbar traction. It hasn’t been shown to be any more effective than a placebo at treating back pain.
  • Back braces, lumbar cushions, and lower back orthotics are not necessary. They have no recognized advantages.
  • Bed rest should only be prescribed when discomfort is unbearable and for no longer than two days. Lying in bed to rest may actually impede healing from low back pain rather than speed it up.

Benefits of Spinaltrax

Effectiveness and convenience are important considerations when selecting a lower back pain treatment approach. Thankfully, Spinaltrax offers them both. The lessened back pain and sciatica, the corrected spinal curvature, the increased range of motion, and the eased strain on the lumbar spine are only a few benefits users of this device mention.

  • SpinalTrax employs decompression therapy, sometimes referred to as spinal traction therapy, to release pressure from the spine and restore the natural lumbar curvature. Either manually or mechanically is possible here.
  • In addition to producing traction to free up the vertebrae, relieve pressure on the nerves, and provide rapid lower back relief, the Spinaltrax also produces heat and vibratory reaction to assist in muscle relaxation.
  • Additionally, the dynamic dual air traction aids in the relaxation and loosening of the back muscles to expand their range of motion. Spinaltrax releases any pressure between the vertebrae as it stretches, opening up your spine and giving you the relief you needed.
  • Spinaltrax produces electrical stimulations that send electrical pulses into your muscles, causing them to twitch and so relieving pain and muscle tension.
  • By extending the spine, spinal traction relieves strain on compressed discs. This enhances the body’s capacity to mend itself by realigning the spine.
  • Herniated discs, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, pinched nerves, and other back disorders are all treated using spinal traction.

Who requires SpinalTrax’s Lumbar Traction?

Not everyone should take Spinaltrax, despite the fact that it is recommended for everyone looking for relief from lower back pain. It is inappropriate for those who have: osteoarthritis or osteoporosis; are taking specific medications; have a pacemaker or heart problems; or have spinal fusion surgery within the last year. Before using this device for the first time, it is advisable that you consult your doctor.

Spinaltrax Reviews: Pros

  • The Spinaltrax is a fantastic tool for addressing improper postural alignment and regaining natural spinal alignment (Enables you can stand tall with confidence and feel energetic).
  • Your system for at-home help (Saving you time and money)
  • Lessen the number of times you have back pain (so you can stop using those nasty medicines)
  • A versatile massager that can be used to ease back and muscle pain.
  • It is designed to follow the contours of your body.
  • The vibrating speed is efficient and optimum.
  • Helps to give you a more erect body.
  • High effectiveness in easing back pain
  • It is affordable.
  • Really user friendly.

Spinaltrax Reviews: Cons

  • Spinal Trax may only be purchased online.
  • Spinaltrax relies on a direct power source from wall outlets since it lacks a battery.
  • The quantity of this item is limited, so act quickly to place your order.

Where can I buy it?

On the manufacturer’s official website, purchases can be made. The only people who can buy Spinaltrax through the official website are those who have current credit/debit cards or accounts with alternative payment choices, such as PayPal or Google Pay, among other possible payment methods.

Simply click the link below to get SpinalTraxTM sent to your door and begin your journey to easing back pain. Even though it is more expensive than some of the other options, this back pain relief device is the only one with FDA approval and a proven track record of healing your back. Similar to a routine maintenance visit to the physical therapist, but with only one cost, it helps your back. It works well and is secure. Enjoy routine services whenever it suits you, in the peace and quiet of your home or place of employment.

To stand taller, sit better, and feel better all around, use SpinalTrax to take a hands-on approach to back pain care. The makers offer a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee because they are so confident in their products. You can easily return your item if you’re not happy with it.

Spinaltrax Reviews: Pricing 

  • Get 1 SpinalTrax for $120.
  • The Ultimate Neck and Back Relief Bundle, which cost $159.95, comprised one Serene Neck Saver and one SpinalTrax.
  • The Optimum Body Massager Bundle, which costs $219.95, includes one Serene Cupping Massager, one Serene Neck Saver, and one SpinalTrax.

Spinaltrax Reviews: Return Policy 

Only after you receive the products does Spinaltrax offer a risk-free 60-day warranty. This implies that you have 60 days from the date that it was delivered to you to return your newly purchased Spinaltrax.

Contents of the package

  • 1 set of External Electro Pads for SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Equipment
  • Power adapter, 1x (UK/US/EU/AU), 1x User’s Guide
  • Complete SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction System

What Are Users Saying?

Joshua Hern Back injuries are fairly common in the construction industry, and they actually make the workday so much more tolerable. This was a birthday gift from my wife, and I was shocked by how useful it was! I feel so much better than I did before after using this for two weeks.

– Jasmine ideal Christmas present. My husband gave me one for Christmas, and I have to say that the SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device is the best thing ever for my back discomfort. I don’t believe I got off of it once that day.

The massage and traction features are quite effective. I can’t wait to observe how well it functions in the future.

Spinaltrax Reviews: FAQs

Which setting is best?

Using the specifics of their remote, this technology provides automated functions that can be customized for your needs.

Can the SpinalTraxTM assist my back pain?

Yes. Naturally, the SpinalTraxTM is a top-notch medical device that aids in the treatment and management of lower back discomfort.

Are the Electrotherapy pads secure?

Yes. The pads, which resemble a TENS unit, are powered by current. The cushioning has undergone quality and safety testing. The Pulsation can be challenging to get used to at first, so we advise starting out slowly.

Is there a restriction on height and weight?

The most typical body measurements were taken into account when designing the SpinalTraxTMm. The maximum weight allowed is 140 kg/315 16

Where can I make use of the Spinal trax?

Whenever there is a solid level surface. – Solid bed – Carpet – Floor

Who is the device not recommended for?

Get this product right now and start using it if you have osteoarthritis or osteoporosis. Before making a purchase, you should consult your prescribing physician. We don’t advise using it if you have a pacemaker inserted for angina or a heart condition. Not for expectant mothers. Also, if you want to undergo fusion surgery within a year, please let your doctor know.

Is using this safe?

Yes! Absolutely. The use of SpinalTrax is quite safe. This product has received FDA approval. Make sure this product has completed quality testing to ensure it is in top condition before delivery.

How can I use SpinalTraxTM to get the greatest outcomes?

SpinalTrax needs to be set up on a level surface. Select Auto mode 1 or 2 after turning on SpinalTrax. SpinalTrax can be modified while being used to suit your needs. To meet your body’s needs, boost vibrations, for instance, traction or electrostimulation.

Any guarantees?

Yes,the manufacturers of this product backed it up with a 60-day money back guarantee. The 60-day risk-free guarantee from the makers only becomes effective after you get your item! If for any reason you regret making the purchase, contact the sellers by sending an email to hello@serenelivingco.com, and a member of their customer service team will help you with your return.Your questions and other concerns will be addressed too.

Spinaltrax USA Reviews: Final Verdit

From all we’ve discussed so far, it should be clear that Spinaltrax is a top-notch item. In order to lower spinal pressure, this gadget used decompression therapy. The dynamic dual air traction will also help to reduce your back ache. Your muscles relax, lengthen, and become more tense.

The SpinalTrax, which is based on individual preferences, has three different heat settings that assist decreased blood flow, lessen back discomfort, reduce muscular spasms, and loosen tight joints. Direct stimulation (legs, shoulders, etc.) is used with electrode massage pads, or EMSs, to massage any part of the body, including the arms, to relieve tension.

SpinalTrax begins deep tissue massages with the Spinaltrax by using infrared light. This makes cellular repair and regeneration for pain alleviation more quick and effective.You can acquire this item from the manufacturers for a fantastic price by visiting the link below, so don’t wait to do so.

Please note: To reduce back discomfort, it should be emphasized that SPINALTRAX should only be used in conjunction with personal medical expert support and advice. If you have any kind of health problem, including back discomfort, always seek medical attention.

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